A Train 

A runaway train

Of ignorance and cowardice

When will the wreck occur?

Can our brakes be fixed mid- slide?

No emergency exit

We are trapped – faster – faster

Our conductor is clueless

He takes pride in his stupidity

And his followers follow suit

No garden path here

No roses, no lavender, no bird of paradise bloom

Only a place void of foresight, intelligence, compassion.  But there will be tweets. Right up to the end. Thoughtless, cruel, stupid tweets that only place blame.

We resist. Some of us resist. Whoever thought it would come to this?


Lies, perversion, fraud, hate

But e-mails

The battle cry of dumbasses.

Nothing was ever proved.

The master e-mail criminal (give me a break.)

And the train careens. Our planet can rot.

The train derails. Who needs healthcare?

The cliff is near. It could be seen by some from a long distance.  Now it’s around the corner.  Perhaps only five miles or so. Not far at all.

E-mails. Remember the e-mails!


Today i’m feeling more than a little pessimistic. Can you tell?  But, i felt like writing these words, so i did so. I’m determined not to be on the train at its final descent. Do i have a choice?  Our ‘President’ wants to take us down with him. I’m not a mechanic. Are any of you?

Anyway, i’ll be back in a little while with something more optimistic. More like the story of the train who thought he could. I’m hoping he can too. Not the Trump train. That’s hopeless. But a train those of us who are intelligent can build.  Maybe with resistance, intelligence and determination we can at least begin to fix things after all….



7 thoughts on “A Train 

  1. It’s the people who still support the Asshat in Chief, at this point, that completely mystify me. We might be able to get rid of the Asshat, but how do you get rid of, or at least change the mindset of, an entire political party that continues to support his methods of madness?

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    1. I’ll never understand it. Ever. But i’ve figured out i can’t use my logic or intelligence to decipher it. There’s just no logc or intelliigence to it. It’s like these people are martians.

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