Nights in the Sky

Heidi sleeps with the moons at night

Sometimes with Earth’s moon, sometimes with Saturn’s

She drifts upward in the evenings.. from her bed by the sea.      A feather bed decorated with lavender stars and sea green lights.  One that’s scented with cardamom and honey..

The lights blink when it’s time to go.  The Fates decide where she’ll lay her head of a night….          Which moon needs her comfort and love?  Where is she needed most?  So she floats until morning, then returns to her room by the earthly sea. ….

To then journey again at night.. She sprinkles stars on her sleeping friends.  They have lovely, sweet scented dreams.              During her days, she weaves diamonds and sand into gowns for Venus, Diana, Virgo and Juno

Heidi wears rubies in her hair and a sapphire ring on her left pinky toe

She makes sure Libra’s scales are in good working order. Justice, after all, is always on call.    She’s become lazy of late..  what are we to do?    Not enough love…  no days of peace?   Justice has been tardy…  Perhaps not enough rest

Soon Heidi will travel to Neptune.. with Kafka the Leopard and Balzac the Tiger

She’ll weave constellations, not gowns. Maybe an eagle, but definitely a castle!

But what of Heidi’s home by the sea?  Who will claim it?  Courage and joy or sadness and dread?

It’ll be joy if the Fates have their way.  On Neptune, there’s Fate, and Time is there too. How long will this weaver of stars be away?  Only Time and the Moons know for sure.

M. Raynes


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