Secrets Until Now

I don’t think anyone knows this yet, but like to hug stories. I like to hug great books. New and old.

I don’t think anyone knows this yet, but i love to read stories to my cats. New stories and old – ancient stories. My kitties seem to enjoy them, but maybe i only want to believe that. It might be a story i tell myself.

I don’t think anyone knows this yet, but once in a blue moon, i like to dance around my back yard with an especially wonderful book. I don’t dance around my street with books though.. no matter how wonderful the books are. My neighbors might see. My backyard is fenced.

I don’t think anyone knows this yet, but sometimes i go out on dates with books. If my husband is working that is. He knows this, and is not the least bit jealous. I’ve taken books out to lunch, and to bars every so often.  But i only order a martini or a glass of wine for myself. The stories have to be sober so they can clearly state their words.

I don’t think anyone knows this yet, but sometimes, when i’m at a bookstore or library, i hold the books close to my nose and breathe in their scents. I do this with old books and new. Clean books and dusty books. Sometimes with books that no one has picked up in years. Who knows?  Perhaps they’re lonely. All books need friends. Even crappy books like Fifty Shades of Grey, which i never sniffed, by the way. I never danced with it in my yard.. nor did i take it on any dates.

I don’t think anyone knows this yet, but there are books that i think are so great, i’ve been out with them a lot. Cormac McCarthy’s books. Tolkien’s books. Haruki Murakami’s books. In fact, today i have a lunch date with a book called The Wind Up Bird Chronicle.

So now you know. Please don’t use these secrets against me. But then i suppose if you do, it won’t matter a bit to me. Confession is good for one’s soul, and i am guilty, guilty, guilty!

M. Raynes


10 thoughts on “Secrets Until Now

  1. Fortunately, I think all you’ve done is encouraged a multitude of people to finally share how big this syndrome is. Llyfr cwtch sydrome is BIG so thank you for granting all these people relief.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

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  2. I am also guilty. This is one reason I prefer real books to ebooks. Ebooks don’t smell right, they don’t feel right, they don’t take baths well, nor are they as easy to grab during stoplights. They do, however, help define words and are good date companions.

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      1. I do have ereaders. An older kindle and an ipad. I need words around me all the time and I like taking a library when I travel. (I also take paper books, too) BUT, I much prefer the paper. I also read faster on paper than I do with the mechanical reading machines. Most people read faster the other way.

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