Love Potion #7

One more love potion to try because our world can never have too much love..

–  This potion requires

Two dozen Sterling roses and one dozen spikes of lovely lupine

– This potion requires..

One slice of coconut cream pie and two forks so that this one slice may be shared with your lover, and two kisses on your lover’s back

– This potion requires

Two cups of oolong tea, two purple tulips and Mozart’s Piano Concerto #23

– This potion requires

One evening alone with your lover, two teaspoons of stardust and four cabochon moonstones set in silver

– This potion requires

A dozen kisses on your lover’s inner thighs, half a dozen kisses on his neck and your fingers running through his hair

– This potion requires

Two juicy, sweet nectarines, and as many kisses as you want

– This potion requires

Four dashes of salt, two glasses of Pinot noir and a very sturdy bed

This potion can be used as often as you choose. The long, hot summer is upon us!  Stay limber!  And remember.. good lovin’ is also most excellent exercise!

M. Raynes


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