When the truth plays hide and seek, where does it hide?

Maybe it hides in our sleep, and it’s what our dreams are made of? We don’t think to lie in our sleep. Perhaps if our nighttime utterings were recorded?  Does our ‘President’ talk in his sleep?

Maybe the truth is stranded on a desert island?  Is it lying low in paradise?  Does it enjoy a salted margarita, or a lemon drop martini once in awhile? Does alcohol make the truth tell itself?  If the truth is hiding out, incognito.. it certainly doesn’t deserve to have a good time. It’s as good as telling lies if it remains undercover.

Maybe it’s hiding in someone’s dank, dirty basement with the old bumper pool table no one wants?  Some out of the way old house no one cleans?  It’s been so long since anyone has been in it, that hazmat has to be called in. The truth is so dirty, we can’t handle it, perhaps?

Is it buried in a chest somewhere in a forest under the firs and waiting to be found?  Are we not digging deep enough or not digging in the right place?  Do we have our direction mixed up?  Should we be heading left instead of right?  Perhaps it’s deep underground in the Siskiyou Mountains, anxiously awaiting the truth seekers? Is it hiding on purpose, or has it been kidnapped by a villain?

Maybe it’s hiding in a giant hornets’ nest, and getting it out in the open will be extremely risky?   No one likes to be stung, after all. Sometimes the truth is that dangerous for some. Lies are easier and ‘safer’.

But, the thing with that is, the truth always comes out. Somehow, some way, it reveals itself, or someone finds it. Deep holes are dug.. hornets’ nests are knocked down or abandoned.. desert islands are found and mapped.. and old, abandoned houses are torn down, or if not too far gone, cleaned and repaired.  The truth is too important to stay hidden or lost even if devious lies attempt to cover it up.  Dig dig dig.. find that faraway island.. clean up the toxic house, and set the truth free!  Lies cannot be allowed to scare it away for long.

M. Raynes


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