Frumpy Trumpy

‘Tis time this Friday evening for a frumpy Trumpy rhyme

I’ll write as i sit with a slice of pie that’s Key Lime

I sure am happy that the weekend is here

Waiting for Trump to fall is stressful.. that’s very clear

He’s totally neck deep in the slime and grime

He’s so far gone, it’s sad, for God’s sake!

Delusional tweets, he’s an idiot, and he really takes the cake

A pompous liar –

We need to get out of his muck and mire

All of his corruption, we need to shake

When he talks he resembles a smug, slimy froggy

I wish we could throw him back in the boggy

With his ludicrous taped ties

And his contant lies

A better President would be a smart Border Collie doggy

I hope he’s gone super soon

Like maybe as soon as the end of June

Why oh why can’t we make him go

He’s downright reprehensible.. the lowest of the low

Perhaps we can convince him to go to the moon

M. Raynes


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