A riot of words —  But

In this world, a dearth of time

None to be squandered

—  How many lighted matches for one year?

—  Or ten?

The quality of incandescence –

—  How many steps to Jupiter?  Take enough light for the walk!  At least one hundred matchbooks full!

Sadly.. no dearth of fire and darkness

— And no shortage of wind to quell the light. We relight and relight.. Wind blows

— Sand in our eyes and our mouths. Riot of words chokes us.

Sit in a tree.. let the winds rock us to sleep.  — How many hours in a nap?  How many naps?

The quality of the darkness, and the value of stars.

We sleep better in the dark, and we need the rest to resist —  fight for the light.

M. Raynes


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