Scam, Jam and Time on the Lam

Time and Fate are running a scam

And Venus herself is in a pretty big jam

Nowhere on Earth can they be found

It’s rumored that all are Saturn bound

But Time’s been spotted on Cupid’s hidden cam

The question is, where is he hiding?

And with him is lover Jennifer abiding?

Word is out they’re having a stormy affair

Her breasts and his butt are naked and bare

And they’re somewhere in space, in their tour bus riding

No one knows if the bus is Volkswagen or Streamline

Or if it has a bar for their gin and wine

They need to return, but they’re having too much fun

Cupid stole Time’s ring, now she’s on the run

Then there’s Orion who’s forgotten how to shine…..

M. Raynes


2 thoughts on “Scam, Jam and Time on the Lam

  1. I was very invested in the spectacular mythology and symbolism of this piece, but then I hit the “bar for their gin and wine” bit and my focus was compromised as I used Google Maps to find said place… 😉

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