No Dessert For Me

Every night this week, i’ve thought about having a bad for me late night snack.  But every time, seeing a picture of our disgusting ‘President’ has changed my mind.  By the time he’s impeached, (i hold out hope,) i might be supermodel thin. Okay, that’s going overboard, and i don’t want to be that thin anyway. I love my curves. But looking at him makes me feel nauseated. I try not to look, but he’s everywhere all the time.  So if i lose my appetite every so often when i see that fat face and rear, at a time when i shouldn’t be eating anyway, i’ll just go with it. Because trust me, even with that hideous ignoramus in office, most of the time i have a healthy appetite….   🙂


4 thoughts on “No Dessert For Me

    1. I’ve heard him too many times. I’ve tried being an ostrich, but it won’t work for me. I think facebook is the reason. I like to stay in touch with friends who live far away. There’s a lot of Trump talk there. (and i’ve been guilty of it myself out of frustration about him.) If i can just give up facebook.

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      1. I have given up a lot of fb, especially last Fall when “friends” were aggressively throwing Trump in my face. I’m hardly there anymore. Just not worth the angst.
        I have however seen Alec Baldwin. 🙂


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