Different Stuff

So, i’ve decided to begin a fantasy/mystery story here. I plan to write four series, each like a televsion show season. Each season will have ten episodes, with one installment each Wednesday. I need to organize my stories. I’ve been haphazard in the way i write on this blog. I love being here, but my stories, (i’m sure you’ve noticed,) are willy nilly. I ‘commute’ between characters and plots and dates, and it’s crazy.  With everything going on in the world, especially things Trumpy, i have so many ideas i haven’t put in any kind of order.  I’ve been distracted. I’m changing that. Therefore, Wednesday evening, stay tuned for episode one, if you so choose of course.  🙂

PS. I plan to write other nights of the week, but the posts will be more poems and pieces of flash fiction with a bent toward magical realism.  They won’t be part of the ongoing story that will appear each week.

— Have a marvelous rest of your weekend!


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