Ravenous hummingbirds

Have delicate strength

Dive.. stop short when they mate. Antics attract.

—— Nature makes enough nectar

But in cold, we step up. Assistance sometimes

— Needed..   Like us prefer warmth and sweet…  In all their vibrant colors.

All important, worthy souls.  The search for opportunity. In helping we lose nothing.

We wait for metamorphosis in our dark. Greedy to generous…  The moon’s dark side.   ——   A plethora of craters.. traps. Exercise extreme caution..

—-  Trip. Claw our way out. Breathe in fresh air. Where is the nectar?  South?  North?  Perhaps to the west. Explore. Maybe fall.  How many more falls en route to the light side —–

Birdsong constant. The hummers hum – sparkle in the sun. Flying, hovering emeralds and rubies.  Follow their instinct. Dive and rise. Dive and rise. Just in time, they fly high again.   Lessons.

M. Raynes


2 thoughts on “Worthy

  1. When we lived on the Oregon coast, the hummingbirds would migrate twice a year. During those weeks, we’d get so many at the feeders, they would land on us while waiting for a spot. I miss them. Don’t get near as many in EO. It was the Rufous who would visit in droves-I had one get in my car once. THAT was exciting!!!!!!


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