Lost Time

The texts from Chronos began two days ago. In case you don’t know who he is, Chronos is the God of Time. Most people refer to him as plain old Time.  He’s been missing for quite some, well, time.  The calendar is out of order, and buses and trains run on their own schedules. Some schools are in session in the summertime!  Poor students! This year’s summer Solstice was June 38th. At least it was still in June. But the day after that was July 54th, not June 39th. See what i mean?  Nothing is right. According to the texts i’ve been getting, Time himself says he’s lost, and he needs my help to get back home. First of all, i can’t be sure the texts are really from him, and how does a God get lost?  I live in Portland, Oregon. Does this mean he could be lost somewhere close by?   Lately, there are rumors that the Three Fates are missing too. No texts from any of them though.
My first Time text said, Daphne, please help me!  I’m lost on Neptune, i think. Or maybe on Venus!  Eris suggested i contact you!  That was it. I laughed out loud. So Time is lost on another planet, but he doesn’t know which one. And a goddess, the Goddess of Discord no less, suggested he contact ME. This is fabulous and funny at the same time. Someone has an amazing imagination and wants to play a prank!  So i texted back, lol snort!  Yep. I texted that to Chronos, if this is indeed him, and i doubt it. But now that i think about it, if he is truly Time, then he’s probably pissed, and i could be in trouble.

The second Time text said, i mean it Daphne!  I’m staying in my Streamline camper but i’m lost in the woods on Neptune or Venus!  All these planets look the same after awhile. Please help!

Time’s texts are pretty wordy. Mine are usually two or three words long, but mine to him are longer. This time i pretended to play along a little. I said, sure, i’ll try to help you!  But you need to send money and directions!  Just tell me what to do and where to go! Then i added a smiley face.

This morning, i got the third text at 8:15. It said Daphne, i’m forwarding money and a map.  Thirteen thousand American dollars should be good for a start. The map has instructions to Apollo’s apartment across town from you! If you can get there, he’ll help you find me. You can trust him.  Then another long winded text immediately followed.. Daphne, i know none of this makes sense, but it’s all true! I needed a vacation. I was burned out. I’ve been at this Time job for so long!  I took off into space. I wanted to be spontaneous. I got carried away when i met Tallulah at Chaucer’s Pub on the moon.  It’s a long story…  A messenger will be at your place precisely at 2:16 today with the directions and the cash.  And one more thing, Daphne.. when you get here, we have a murder to solve.

And i thought wow!  I’ll have to see what happens at 2:16!  Maybe if someone arrives with lots of cash, i’ll know this is real. Or not. But so far, it sounds like a crazy fantasy game. Not dangerous at all. One of my girlfriends is responsible. My best friend, Courtney is very imaginative. I’ll bet it’s her.

Well… it’s 2:15. The suspense is killing me!  Wait for it!  Twenty more seconds.. and.. my doorbell rings. I start even though i was half expecting it. I open my door to.. a beautiful Border Collie carrying a large manilla envelope in her mouth. She drops the packet at my feet. I believe she’s smiling at me. I pick up the envelope, open it, and yes, big wad of real money and a hand drawn map!  I swear the beautiful Border Collie winks at me!  …. This might be a real adventure after all!

To Be Continued

M. Raynes


13 thoughts on “Lost Time

  1. Okay. I’m going to take you at your word that this WILL be continued and you won’t get all distracted writing about bunny farts and butterflies and pine cones on your next walk and forget the definition of “continued”

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    1. Yes! It will be continued every Wednesday. Still going to write other stuff two three other days a week though. This ongoing story will have some characters i’ve written about in other stories, and it will have new ones as well. Going to be 4 ‘seasons’ with 10 episodes each. 🙂 I posted about it a few days ago b

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