Room 135

Bunnie and Mark always rent room 135

Check in time’s early Friday; they seem rushed when they arrive

Bunnie loves beer.. Mark loves champagne

Bunnie’s quite plain, but her lover’s very vain

The Hotel de Veronique is kind of a dive

They’ve been having trysts there for almost ten years

Bonnie had to convince Mark, then he overcame his fears

One thirty five is their lucky room

Every other weekend, in and out they zoom

They’re quiet in the sack, so no one hears

Sometimes Bunnie and Mark think about splitting

He’ll take up bowling, and she’ll try her hand at knitting

But Bunnie couldn’t live without Mark’s enormous penis

And he thinks Bunnie’s a super genius

This whole time, Bunnie’s other boyfriend’s oblivious.. unwitting

Mark just bought Bunnie a huge emerald ring

When Bunnie opened the little box, she began to sing

She really thought they were going to break up.. instead Mark dropped on bended knee

So Bunnie danced and loudly shouted squeeee

And now Mark feels like he’s been crowned king

M. Raynes


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