Jesse Bear

The bear at my door said take a walk with me..

I replied, i will, there will be so much to see!

The bear told me his name is Jesse,

And if i dine with him, he won’t be messy

But he’d much rather drink coffee than tea

Jesse has lilacs growing from between his toes

How this started, no one knows

Jesse and i walk to the woods in search of berries

He points out the ferns where live little woodland fairies

We go deep into the forest where he has few foes

After awhile Jesse shows me his favorite old stump

We sit.. have coffee and sugar, just one lump

Jesse has many a tale to tell

How his mother bear used to hibernate in the nearby dell

Unlike a grizzly, a black bear has no hump

He tells me he has taken many long hikes

He likes to go off grid, and cares not a lick about facebook likes

I tell him i wish i could live far away

Maybe when i grow old, there will come a day

Then in the distance, Jesse sees a cougar, and all i can do is say oh my god, yikes!

I stand as tall as i can, and i yell and throw rocks

Jesse stands on his hind legs, and his loud growl shocks

The big cat runs, and Jesse and i walk back toward where we came

This walk was fun but not at all a fool’s game

It’s good to be home near my tame roses and holly hocks!

M. Raynes


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