Partial Dossier on Chronos – aka – Time

Attention: Agent Triple 0 Forty Nine..

Here is the information i’ve collected on Chronos.. his known likes, dislikes, possible hideout locations. If you have further questions, please call 0765-4455338. Enclosed is a special phone to be used specifically for phone calls to myself on Saturn.

— Chronos is known to take extended vacations in San Diego. (He likes its ideal climate.)  And surprisingly, he enjoys trips to Bozeman, MT in the middle of winter in spite of the cold. The skiing is excellent. Time enjoys variety.  So if i were you, Agent Triple 0 Forty Nine, i would begin the search in those two places. It could be winter or summer tomorrow, who knows, because Time is slacking off on the job.  We need him back!

— Chronos enjoys going to a movie now and then. Search the theaters. He especially likes the romantic comedies. I know, one would think he has better taste, alas.  I should add that he loves the Bourne films with Matt Damon, though those are long out of theaters. But who knows, perhaps he has Dish Network wherever he is?  Check their records and those of the cable companies. I digress… anyway, like i said, check the cineplexes and small drive-ins.

— Chronos loves home cooking. His favorite dish of all is pot roast with lots of gravy and mashed potatoes. Believe it or not, he’s a pretty good cook. I know, i’ve sampled his efforts on several occasions. He’s pretty much a meat and potatoes guy. There must be family style diners in San Diego and Bozeman. You know what to do!  He also loves Thai food. I’ve given you an ample food budget for your detective trips. But try to be frugal. Go easy on those gin martinis you love so much.

— Also, Agent Triple 0 Forty Nine.. Chronos is quite a womanizer, but you are probably aware of this. He has a weakness for tall brunettes with blue eyes. They have to be intelligent, have a knowledge of Fine Art, world politics and love to read. So check the personals and the online dating sites! There is likely a wealth of useful stuff there. Maybe?

— I’ve sent you $12,000 to start.  Keep me posted, and i’ll add to this dossier as time (Time) goes on. If we’re lucky, we’ll find him soon. It’s difficult for us to do our job as long as Chronos is missing. He’ll need to be disciplined when he returns or is located. What is the appropriate punishment?  Yes. Believe it or not, a God can be punished. Sometimes it’s fun.  Take my word for it. Been there, done that!

Please keep me informed, Agent Triple 0 Forty Nine. I’m counting on you!

Signed, the Three Sister Fates.. Lena, Isabelle and Stephanie.  (This document compiled by Lena.)

Good Luck!

M. Raynes


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