Just when i thought vacation would be good for my creativity and imagination; i sit down to write, and i think the opposite might be true!  My imagination seems to be in fine working order, and that leads to creativity, i know – but my thoughts are all a-jumble.

I can picture a flying bathtub, a clawfoot of course. But – where shall it go?  Plus, a tub has no wings!  Fill it with water and lots of bubbles, and it’s pretty heavy to boot!  Loads heavier than a magic carpet!  And does the roof open up so it can fly away?  What if the tub is on the first story of a house.. not the second?  Logistics, you know?!  And the person in said tub is likely naked. What about clothes for the journey?  How to plan for the weather, especially if it’s a surprise trip. One cannot pack the same clothes for a trip to Bora Bora and one to, say, northern Sweden! And how to land it?  Airport lights?  A clear runway?  Or – the middle of a cornfield outside Topeka?  All these things to plan. Does it have a sidecar for a passenger?  How experienced should this bathtub pilot be?  Sigh…..

I can also imagine a person who has roots growing out from her feet. Tree roots, and all the possible troubles associated with that. And maybe she meets a tree toad prince. But that has been done before.. or something along those lines. Maybe the prince is a skunk? There sure are a lot of man-skunks out there. They look cute on the outside, but that odor… Maybe the roots pull the woman under?  The prince skunk thinks he can rescue her, but she can rescue herself, thank you very much!

Or, i can think of a lot of situations or ideas for stories with no magic. Zero, zip, nada.  Magic has, after all, become kind of a habit of mine. (Here on blog, of course, not in true life.) What fun is that though?  Gotta start working some dark magic in there.  Whet my meat cleaver. Get that table saw working. Pitch that killer softball! A magic killer softball, definitely. Black magic!

Be back soon!  xx

M. Raynes


9 thoughts on “Imagination?

    1. Lol! True! But for some reason, magic always works its way into my stories, no matter how hard i try to keep it out. And, when i was a kid, like 7 or 8 or so, i attended some pretty dang weird Sunday School picnics.

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