Uranus and Brussels Sprouts

On Monday, Lillian will drive her Jaguar to Saturn

There she’ll give a talk and stand behind a lectern

Her lecture will be about Uranus, not mine

When it’s over, on mushrooms and Brussels sprouts she’ll dine

She wants to discuss Venus, but first she must learn

M. Raynes

Well, my ability to write is returning!  Thank goodness for that. I’m not the same without it.  🙂


10 thoughts on “Uranus and Brussels Sprouts

  1. There are SO many things wrapped up in this. But hold them I must, even if I explode. An old man once told me, after he’d practically blown the walls off our little video shed, “Well, son. Better to cut the fart and bear the shame than hold the fart and bear the pain.” The walls were still shaking when, like Captain Kirk, I said “Better Uranus with Klingons than mine.”

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