Time Stuck

Time is trapped in a laundry chute in Brussels

He can’t get himself out, even with all of his really strong muscles

It’ll be Eris who saves him

She’s spent lots of time in a local gym

But Daphne can get there first if she truly hustles

Chronos only wanted a brief respite/break

And he hoped with sexy Rita, some time he could make

Alas, hot Rita turned him down

She only made Chronos ticked off and frown

Rita chose a human and they had chocolate wedding cake

Now no one knows when Chronos will come back

Now that he’s trapped in that run down shack

Nobody realized Time does his own laundry

How did a God get himself into this quandary?

Of getting in trouble he has a real knack

The Fates want Chronos to remain missing

All three have lovers they want to keep kissing

Today’s date is April sixty seventh

Eris is mad she missed her birthday; it’s April eleventh

So Time she’s been dissing

M. Raynes


2 thoughts on “Time Stuck

  1. I was waiting for a Brussels sprout(s) joke of some kind. I got stuck in the Brussels airport once in the late 90s because of freezing fog! That’s right, freezing fog. Still, beats being stuck in a laundry chute…

    Liked by 1 person

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