More Heads

So.. this was one of my dreams a couple of nights ago. I know i have more than one dream every night, but this is the only one i remember from Monday. And no, this one was not about cougars eating the heads of men, nor was i an undercover patient in a strange hospital; however, this dream was just as weird.

I was running away from two monsters who had heads of cabbage for heads. For some reason they were chasing me through a furniture store. I was agile, though, and the cabbage heads didn’t catch me. I had no trouble leaping over chairs, tables and couches despite my 54 year old knees!  I reached freedom, (a dirty alley behind the store,) and then i woke up.

The only thing this dream appears to have in common with the head eating cougar dream is, well, heads.  Maybe i’ve been eating too many Brussels sprouts?  I do love ’em. (I also love broccoli, squash, turnip and spinach.) Other than that, i’ve no idea what this could possibly mean. On the other hand, this could be an interesting story idea for tomorrow. And, the best thing, is that a dream about cabbage headed beings is much better than a dream about burning buildings. I’ve had quite a few such fiery nightmares since the election. They’ve recently calmed down quite a bit!  Excellent development!

I’ve been thinking recently about creating my own superhero, female of course.  I have many ideas about superpowers running through my mind.  Who knows, maybe the cabbage heads will play a role?

Be back soon!



6 thoughts on “More Heads

    1. Oh, awful nightmares! I’m sorry this is happening to you. I’ve realized that my dreams have become much more vivid in the last year or so. Not sure why. But they’re even more vivid than they were when i was a child. And they seem to last longer, but i’m not sure if they really do or not…


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