I’ll be back with a short story post on Monday. My mission for this weekend is some marathon reading.  Well, i plan to get sleep and put some walking miles on my legs too.  No 24 hour reading sessions, lol, even though reading is one of my favorite things! But i WILL read for miles and miles.  By the way, how much reading/how many books do i need to read in order to outread our ‘President’?  Any estimates?  I’m interested to know what you think.  🙂

Back in a couple of days!

xo, Mary


8 thoughts on “Read!

  1. Hey, I like comics!!!! (I personally think Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman who create Zits! have mikes set up in my house!) However, THAT person probably reads as little as possible. Cliff notes are probably beyond his level!
    Am reading an anthology by Jean Webster. GREAT old fashioned stories of a world I can only imagine. Often politically incorrect (1916 sort of was), but other times, not at all.


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