Chasing Goddesses

Are Time and Fate lost in space?

Or somewhere in Denmark where we must give chase?

The three sister Fates have gone their separate ways

They’ve been scattered about for at least one hundred days!

There are a few secret agents who’ve taken the case!

No one knows what day is today

It could be April Fools’ Day or the first day of May

That’s why Chronos must be found, and soon

Neptune’s on his way to search on the moon!

And Eris is on her way to Martini Cay!

Agent Forty Five is traveling to Rome

And Agent Twenty Six is on a flight to Nome

Madame Sapphire Lee has gone to Sacramento..

While Monsieur Emerald Silver stays home and eats bento

And Dame Ruby Blue Diamonds drinks flat beer with no foam

Because the Gods and Goddesses are being lax on the job

The Universe is off kilter, and many people sob

But so many Goddesses are tired of working

They wanted vacations, so their duties they’re shirking

The one who might solve all the mystery is Agent Watch Fob Bob!

M. Raynes


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