The Westie and the Sixteenth Sapphire

I awaken, look at the clock on my nightstand and see that it’s 3:20 am. I think it’s September something, but i can’t be sure. I do know for sure, though, that my bedroom is filled with a light blue fog that resembles cotton candy and smells like hyacinths. I take a deep breath, and my head spins a little. It’s like there are flowers blooming out of the hardwood floor around my bed. I had the wildest dream i’ve ever had. I lie back down to mull it over. I could still be sleeping and dreaming of the fog and its scent, but no. I’m wide awake.

I dreamed of the Three sister Fates’ penthouse, a rabbit named Alcott, a ring that supposedly belongs to Isabelle, the middle sister, that i stole back from Eris to return to Fate. The door to the penthouse opened when Alcott said the password, and i couldn’t believe what i saw, but that’s when i woke up.  What did i see that i couldn’t believe?  I can’t remember. But it was a dream, right, i ask myself?  I open my eyes again, and the fog has cleared, but the floral scent is still there.  I roll over on my right side and stare at the clock. The Fates really do live in the penthouse of this building. That part of the dream is true. They’re all away from home at the moment, and have been for awhile. Time is also gone. That fact is getting extremely tiresome for everyone.  How dare he take off the way he did?  He has a job to do. So many people are trying to find him and bring him home. Thing is, how can you tell a God what to do?

Well, i think.. I’m awake, i might as well read awhile. I open Haruki Murakami’s A Wild Sheep Chase, chapter five, sit up, fluff my pillows and decide to stay awake. No more weird dreams for me, at least for now. I just become focused on reading when i hear my phone, also on my nightstand, buzz with a text.

Melinda, Alcott here. That startles me. Alcott.. the name of the rabbit in my dream. The rabbit who could talk. … In one hour, your doorbell will ring. Isabelle’s delivery dude is bringing a package. Don’t be alarmed. Just sign for it and feel free to open.

Okay. Now i’m really losing it. A rabbit is texting me. I should go back to sleep after all. This cannot be happening. Then again, maybe it’s a person named Alcott who’s texting me. I laugh out loud and text back..

Alcott, are you a rabbit? (I mean, i might as well play along.)

A text comes back.. No. I’m a dog. A Westie.

I laugh again. This is entertaining. I guess it could be a real weirdo texting me, but then i think of my dream. I also realize the hyacinth scent has dissipated. I put my phone back on the nightstand and go back to my book. I read three chapters, and then, my heart pounds faster. I hear the doorbell. It’s 4:25 am. It’s been an hour. Do i answer the door?  Is there a maniac out there?  Then again, i could be dreaming. I get up, put on my robe and go to the door. I look through the peep hole, and yes, it’s a UPS guy. I’d no idea they deliver at this hour. I open the door and am handed a clipboard. I sign, Melinda Sorenson, and the guy hands me a small wrapped box. It has lovely blue wrapping and smells like.. hyacinth.  The delivery guy nods and walks away. I close the door and tear open the package. I’m dreaming anyway, right?

I open the little box within the box. It’s a magnificent lavender sapphire and gold ring,  not tourmaline like the ring in my other dream. I try it on because, why not?  It fits perfectly on my right ring finger. The gem must be at least four carats. It looks great on my hand.

I realize i’m tired and head back to my room and bed. But, i walk into my room, and there’s a bed, but it’s not my bed. It’s an enormous canopied bed with what look like blue velvet covers. The covers are pulled back. And there’s carpet under my feet. There’s a large oak wardrobe off to the left, and three floor to ceiling windows.  The wallpaper is blue and white, handpainted, i think, with blue and yellow hyacinths. A little Westie runs over to greet me. She says, welcome back, Melinda!  Fate has brought you back to where you belong. The Duke will return shortly. You’re wearing your ring on the wrong hand…

M. Raynes


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