The Tourmaline That Talks

This is a continuation of The Thirty Seventh Tourmaline.

I close my eyes for a few seconds, then i open them and take another look around the room. I realize that there are no tulips growing out of the floor.. that they’re instead growing on the other side of the enormous picture window to my right. They’re not normal blooms, though, their stems are four feet tall; their flowers are a good seven inches around. They’re mostly pink with a few red mixed in. I think i should get out of bed and look around more, but i’m not ready quite yet. Maybe if i close my eyes for a full minute, then open, i’ll find myself back in my apartment and not this place, whatever and wherever it is…

Nope. Still here. Still in the big brass bed and wearing flannel pajamas covered in tiny purple tulips. Interesting fabric. I don’t wear flannel, and i don’t wear anything with a floral print.  At least until now. I’m not five years old.

I decide to get out of bed. I feel like i’ve been asleep for a year; very rested and refreshed, though confused as hell. Now i see it. On the nightstand on my right, between bed and window, sits the tourmaline pendant. I also see a copy of Kurt Vonnegut’s Galapagos. Well, whoever usually sleeps here has good taste in books. I stand and feel woozy. The pendant on the nightstand begins to glow. I pick it up and turn it over in my hands. It feels warm, and my fingers tingle. Then.. it speaks. I laugh out loud. Nope. I’m not at all crazy. The thing talks to me. It says, Kristine! It’s a man’s voice, and i recognize it before he identifies himself. .. Kristine, can you hear me?  It’s Farley. Farley Friday!  Then he laughs. I think, this can’t really be Farley talking to me through a necklace. First of all, like i said before, Farley is humorless. I’ve never heard him laugh once. And second of all, no one can talk to anyone through a gemstone no matter how gorgeous it is. I’m dreaming after all. So, why not play the game?

Yes Farley. I hear you loud and clear. I have to fight to suppress laughter. I’m standing in an unfamiliar room with giant tulips growing outside and talking into a tourmaline like it’s a walkie talkie.  Where are you, Farley?  Maybe you can help me figure out where i am. I have no idea!

Kristine, this is serious. I laughed because i’m relieved you made it. You made it there, right?  To Other Portland?  That’s why i brought you the pendant. Jonas will be there tomorrow.

And i think, here’s the Jonas thing again. Farley, what in the hell is going on? Who is this Jonas guy, why am i here, wherever here is, and how can i get back? I’m not staying here, so help me, but i can’t wake myself up! How do i wake myself up, Farley?

Wake yourself up?  You’re where you’re supposed to be. You were only here in 2017 temporarily.

Now i need to sit down. I walk a few steps to what looks like a comfy chair, but who knows, i’ve probably seen it before. I sit, and yes, it’s indeed quite comfy. Dare i ask?  I say, Farley, who’s Jonas?

Why are you asking me this, Kristine?  You know him better than i know him. He owns your favorite vintage shop, but that’s just his cover.  You both work for The Agency.  Do you remember now?  Any of this sound familiar? Boy, this trip back to Other Portland must have been particularly rough for you. Yesterday, i just brought you the pendant because it’s what Jonas told me to do. I thought it was weird when you said you wanted it as a gift for Sabrina. Who’s she?  And i showed you your new address so you’d know where to go when you got there. It seems you found it…

Okay, Farley. You didn’t answer my question. Who’s Jonas, and why do we work together?

I hear a big sigh, and Farley says, you’re both Agents who have been assigned to find Chronos. You’re also sometime lovers. Off and on.. more on than off.

I giggle like a thirteen year old. Wow, this dream is quite something. I have a sometime lover. As far as i know, i haven’t had sex in almost a year. Quite a dry spell for me.

I hear a knock at the door.

Farley! Someone’s knocking. Who will this be?  Someone i should know?

Quick!  Put the pendant in a drawer or something. That might be Isabelle, one of the Three Fates!

I think, oh this dream just gets better and better. If it is a dream. And if it’s not, nothing frightening has happened yet.. well except for ending up in a completely unknown place. I wonder if it’s my sometimes lover, Jonas knocking. This could be fun. I wonder if flannel turns him on?

M. Raynes




4 thoughts on “The Tourmaline That Talks

  1. I love flannel! Especially in sheets on the Oregon coast. Oddly, I even though I read she had on flannel, I saw her wearing fleece! White fleece with tiny floral print! I so do love ‘other Portland!’ (did you see the movie ‘The 10th Kingdom’??)

    Liked by 2 people

    • I love flannel too, and would totally wear floral print flannel PJs.. i just don’t happen to own any. We do have flannel sheets though. So warm and cozy during the winter months! So happy you’re enjoying Other Portland. Lots of fun to write. And no, i’ve not seen the 10th Kingdom. I definitely should look for it. 🙂

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  2. Well, if Charlie could talk to Charlie’s Angels through a speaker phone while they sat around fashionably posed after kicking the bad guys’ asses while running like ladies, then Farley gets a pass on the pendant and flannel counts.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ah yes, Charlie’s Angels. I loved that show. It was on when i was in 7th grade, and i remember i wanted to be Jaclyn Smith. The character Kristine in this story, (Kristine of the flannel pajamas,) will be kicking many male asses in these stories and maybe a couple female asses.


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