Gone Gods and Goddesses

Will Chronos(Time) ever be found or has he disappeared forever?  Has he been kidnapped?  Is he hiding out?  Perhaps he’s only exhausted because he’s as old as time and needs a rest?  Is he hiding out with a lover?  Is he on retreat in Tibet?  Maybe. Or maybe he’s in a man cave somewhere killing time watching football and drinking beer….

What about Eris, Goddess of Discord?  She’s gone at the moment too. The original gone girl. Has she caused so much trouble that everyone is pissed off, and she had to lie low for a time?  And what of the orchard where she grows her apples? Who’s taking care of it?  There are rumors she’s hired a body double to fill in, but no one can find her either. And if anyone happens to catch a glimpse, how will he or she know if this is the real Eris, the true troublemaker?  Has the fill in stolen her identity?  So many questions!

And what of the Three Fates?  Sisters Lena, Isabelle and Stephanie?  They’ve also slacked off on their job. Delinquents. Have they gone rogue?  Are they just taking an extended vacation?  They have so many homes in this Universe and others that no one has been able to pin them down. The three have gone their separate ways. In the past, they stayed together. One of the reasons things are so out of whack is because they’re living apart. We know that, but where? Their primary home, their penthouse in Portland, Oregon, is empty. No one even knows where their butler is these days.. or their cook. Their crystal ball has also vanished!  These questions must be answered soon. Time, Discord and Fate must get back on track!   🙂

Stay tuned for coming posts!  If you want, of course. I’ve got away from telling these stories recently, and i’m looking forward to getting back into them. They’re so much fun to tell!

See you soon!

Mary xx


2 thoughts on “Gone Gods and Goddesses

  1. I don’t know how I managed to get so far behind again with your work, yet I did so in an obviously-glaring manner, as I’m sure you can see by your stats. On the flip side, I just spent the last several hours catching up with you and a few of my other favorite bloggers, and it has been a wonderful evening. Please keep entertaining me. Please.

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    • Thank you! It means a lot to me that you like my writing. And – i might be writing these stories ‘forever’. Lol. Just try and stop me. It’become kind of like a Time/Fate soap opera. As long as no one cancels me like someone cancelled All My Children! I mean, who is Erica Kane married to these days? I have to catch up with your blogs too. For quite awhile i had a head-sinus cold from hell and got behind everywhere. Gotta get back into stuff. 😀

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