The Seventh Cameo

Yesterday morning, at 9:45.. I remember the exact time because i looked at my kitchen clock right before i answered the door, i received a little package from Farley Friday. Farley is the owner of my favorite antique shop downtown. I’m a regular down there. Three days ago when i went in, i spotted the loveliest cameo pendant i’ve ever seen. Farley wasn’t in, but i asked his assistant, Odelle M. to take it out of the case so i could get a good look and see its price. Sixty dollars! I asked why it’s so cheap and said it must not be real. But, Odelle assured me it’s genuine and that Farley purchased it on a buying trip to Brussels a year ago. I was full of questions. Why had no one noticed it before, i wondered? How much did Farley pay for it, did she know? I’d never seen one in this exact shade of pink before, what is it made of? Odelle didn’t have a single answer. I’ll have to mention that to Farley when he gets back. Does she know about the cameo, and she isn’t telling me?

Well, the price was so good, i bought it. I can’t imagine it’s stolen, Mr. Friday is too cautious. He has an excellent reputation, though at times, he can be secretive. He leaves the city without notice.. not that he has to give anyone notice, i suppose. It’s rumored that he travels around the world, and sometimes out of this world. I’ve heard so many tales of other Universes. They’re tall tales, i’m sure. But then again, Fate and Time have been off kilter for awhile. So who knows? Maybe there really are other worlds.

Odelle said she’d have the pendant wrapped and delivered on the 25th.. yesterday. I asked why i couldn’t take it home then. She said she wanted Farley’s brother, Fraser, to take a look at it; contact Farley to get some answers to my questions. I was irritated, but i said fine. Kind of a complex transaction for such an inexpensive purchase.

A cameo arrived yesterday as promised. That was the little package. It’s the wrong pendant! The one i’m holding in my hand is oval shaped, made of blue agate, and is a carving of the Goddess Flora. It’s gorgeous, but it’s not the one i paid for. I called the shop just now to find out what is going on! Why the mix up? I talked to Odelle, and she said Farley isn’t back, but Fraser is there. Going down to give him a piece of my mind. I plan to be polite though. I love shopping there too much to offend. I only want to get the mistake corrected.

I put on my raincoat, get my umbrella.. it’s November in Oregon, and it’s pouring buckets. I pat my kitty, Minerva, and tell her i’ll be back in an hour or so. I sigh when i hear my doorbell ring. Of course. Just as i’m on my way out. I wonder who’s selling what. I look through my little peephole and see that it’s Farley! I thought he was out of town and far away! I open the door, and he practically jumps over the threshold.

Close the door quick, Dinah! We have to leave right away! I found Chronos! Fraser sent you the correct cameo! We have to find a way to trap Time!

I close the door. Farley has clearly lost his marbles! Trap Time? The correct cameo?

Farley! What’s going on? I thought you were out of town? Try to breathe, Farley. Slow down.

Oh Dinah. For the last two weeks i’ve been trapped in Universe 7722! No, i’m not bonkers, and i haven’t had too many martinis. Let me sit down and explain. Then we have to go.

M. Raynes



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