The Eighth Aquamarine

I awaken on stilts. Well, i’m not on stilts. My hut is on stilts in water, the Pacific. The crystal clear sea of the South Pacific. This is a hut, but not a shabby shack. It’s pure luxury, and this is the most comfy bed i’ve ever slept in. Fate, or rather, Lena’s cat, Lacey, brought me to Bora Bora two nights ago. I thought we were to be Lena’s guests, but she’s not here. I was told by Dominic, Lena’s butler and cook, that i can stay as long as i want. According to him, Lena said that as long as i stay, my wish is his command. I love it here, but so far, he’s the only other human i’ve seen. I know Bora Bora doesn’t have a large population, but that’s strange. I asked Dom this question last night when he brought me dinner at sunset out on the terrace. I said, Where is everyone? This island is known for its expensive resorts and scuba diving, and i haven’t seen anyone but you yet. Don’t get me wrong, Dom, you’re a nice guy, but i’m starting to feel a little weird. Lacey is great company, and i love cats, but…

No worries, Marguerite. Things will go at a faster pace soon. We’ll be attending a party down the road three nights from now.

A faster pace? Down the road? There’s a road?

Yes. He smiled. That gorgeous Dominic smile. I’d heard things about the Fates’ butler, or butlers. Each of the sisters has two. A head butler, and a backup butler. Must be nice.

We aren’t on a deserted island, Marguerite. Lena likes to be in a secluded location when she’s here. Fate needs solitude sometimes to make her plans.

There was that smile again. I wonder what’s really going on here. The invitation to ‘stay as long as i want’ is interesting. Lacey brought me here, and i’ve no idea how to get back to Portland, Oregon, 2018, even if i decide i want to go. Lacey’s and my mode of transportation was an orange couch. I don’t see it anywhere, and i wouldn’t know how to operate it anyway.

I don’t have a watch or my phone, and i’m not sure what time it is. I think by the high, brilliant sun, it must be around noon? I’ll go for a swim. That’s the other thing. There’s a big closet in this bedroom, and it’s full of a lovely wardrobe that’s perfect size for me. I was expected. I know Lena wanted me here for something, but i’ve no idea what. I don a beautiful red and white maillot and head out front to dive off my own front terrace. Maybe i’ll stay forever.

I swim thirty laps around the hut. It’s a pretty large hut. Then i decide i’m hungry. Dominic promised vanilla seared scallops and lime coconut risotto for a late lunch. I climb the steps to the outdoor shower, and i hear, psst! Marguerite! There’s that stage whisper again. It’s Lacey watching me from her perch on the terrace railing.

I want to say, sweet kitty cat, but i bite my tongue. Lacey’s too sophisticated and smart for that.

She whispers, Marguerite, come to your room with me. I have something to show you and an important message from Lena. We can’t let Dominic hear us.

But i need a shower!

That can wait. Fate calls.

Well i can’t argue with that. So i follow Lacey around the corner to my room. I don’t hear any other sound in the hut, so i guess Dom went out.

Lacey leaps up to my dressing table and plants herself next to my hairbrush and hand mirror. Then i notice something that wasn’t there before i went for my swim. It’s a beautiful gold and emerald cut aquamarine ring.

Where did this come from?

Lacey says, i found it in Dominic’s quarters. It’s the Eighth Aquamarine. He shouldn’t have it, and now he doesn’t. I heard from Lena. Notice the little silver bell on my golden collar…

I realize that i hadn’t noticed it. Not very sharp of me.

I took this ring from a box in Dominic’s closet. Lena and i have no idea how he got it or what he’s up to. You need to slip it on your right index finger. It will fit perfectly.

So i put it on. Then i say, so Lacey, what happens now? What if Dom finds out we have it? Obviously i can’t keep it on.

Oh you must keep it on, and we have to leave right away. The couch is waiting on the back terrace!

But my vanilla seared scallops! And i’m wearing a wet bathing suit and towel!

Nevermind. No time to change.

Then i hear Dominic on his way in here.

Quick, Marguerite! No time to get to the couch! Under the bed!

So, we drop and roll under the bed.

Marguerite! Marguerite, the lunch i promised is served! Where are you?

And i think, well, again i’ve found myself under Fate’s bed with a cat and a piece of important jewelry. This is becoming a bizarre habit.

Lacey whispers, close your eyes, my friend. Whisper the words, eggplant parmesan and brown butter penne!

So i do. I’ve no idea of our next stop. Maybe i’ll keep my eyes closed and let Fate steer!

M. Raynes


10 thoughts on “The Eighth Aquamarine

    • Thank you! Well, i’ve started labeling the parts. If i could only learn how to link previous posts, that would be even better, but i’m a technical dumbass. This is part 3, though i’ve been writing these kinds of stories for a long time. This series has a certain set of characters. Anyway, i want to learn how to do the thing that highlights previous parts.. like Part One can be found ‘here’. Part Two ‘here’. Make any sense? Probably not. Lol

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