Where’s Orange Couch? .. and the Eighteenth Topaz

How hard can it be to find an orange velvet couch? There are so many rumors about where it is. Of course, you know i’m talking about a special couch, right? This one belongs to Lena, the oldest of the Three Fates. It’s a magical couch. It can take you back and forth in Time and to other planets and alternate Universes. I know, right?! No wonder there are so many who want to be first to find it! There’s an item on the front page of today’s Oregonian that says there’s a $600,000 reward waiting for that lucky person!

I mean, think what could happen if Fate’s couch gets into the wrong hands! I’ve heard Eris is in big trouble with Lena because she and some secret agent guy named Dominic de Seckcee had sex on the couch multiple times. I suppose Eris is literally like always in trouble, you know? She IS chaos and trouble. But this time, she went too far, and Lena is super pissed! I’m glad Fate isn’t mad at me, that’s for sure.

You’re probably wondering who i am? I’m Sloane Hanley. I’m thirteen, in the eighth grade, and i want to be the one to find the couch. I don’t want the reward money. If i succeed in the search, i plan to donate it somewhere. There’s nothing i want or need that costs that much. But then, i guess the money would go to my parents. They would say i’m too young to handle that kind of money. I don’t agree. I don’t argue though. I keep a lot of plans to myself, and i’m doing the same thing with this. Not telling anyone. Not even my best friend, Claudia Bowe. Well, maybe i’ll tell her eventually, but not yet. I texted her and said i want to go to Starr Lane Books this afternoon. It’s Saturday and raining. She can come over here, and we can walk there together if she wants. We’re Oregonians. A little rain won’t make us melt. If she goes with me, i might drop a few hints about the couch and see what she says. I need to analyze her reaction. I love to analyze stuff.

Ooo! There’a text. I pick up my phone from the coffee table. Cool. Claud will be here in ten minutes! Going to change. There’s a chance we’ll run into Ben and Reed. I want to wear some of my mother’s lipstick, but she’d freak.

Wait. Another text..

Sloane, Aunt Marguerite. I’m in trouble. Only you can help. Walk to Doug’s Fir Coffee, order a short honey forest latte, find a table, and wait for another text.. And.. please wear your birthstone ring. It’s the Eighteenth Topaz. It’ll help find Fate’s couch.

Well, i have to go then, don’t i? Do i wait for Claud and take her with me? Is this mission dangerous? Aunt Marg wouldn’t have texted me, would she? I ask our mini schnauzer, Vivian, what should i say in my note to Mom and Dad? And, Viv, what does Aunt Marg have to do with the Time Gems and Fate’s couch? What should i do? I think, stupid question. Of course i know what i want to do. Whether i should, well, that’s different. I can’t miss this chance. I’m going. There’s no school tomorrow. I know i’ll be in deep shit when i get home though…

To Be Continued

M. Raynes


7 thoughts on “Where’s Orange Couch? .. and the Eighteenth Topaz

  1. Hahaha! I know that couch. Remember the maybe mid 70s? My parents had that crushed velour furniture. Dark brown big, wide-brimmed chairs and an orange/rust colored couch and loveseat! Donated to my wife and I late 80s when we’d moved so often if it didn’t fit in the van it got left behind. If I’d known the topaz (how many of those things are there?) was related I wouldn’t gave dumped them behind goodwill and driven away like a criminal.

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    • Oh yes! We had that couch for a long time. Except it wasn’t velvet, it was some kind of rough fabric and it was gack! plaid. A brown, burnt orange, mustard ‘gold’ and some other weird color PLAID. Fugly, it was. My Dad’s favorite spot to watch baseball and drink a beer or two. One cushion had kind of a dent. Lol. I figure, at least they didn’t succumb to burnt orange appliances. Thank goodness for the small things…

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