Orange Couch and Caught In Between

Yes, Mr. Friday. Marguerite Putnam and Lacey Cat are staying in room #318. Take the elevator to the third floor, and that room is to the left.

Thank you. Do you know if they’re in?

I’m not sure, sir. I haven’t seen them leave, but our guests are of course free to come and go whenever they want.

I nod and head for the elevator. I hope i’m here in time. If i know Marguerite as well as i think, she’ll want to head across the street to the library. I’ve been instructed by Lena to keep her here for another hour. She has avoided answering Lacey’s messages for a few days. The orange couch is at the library. Marguerite and Lacey are searching for it, but Lena doesn’t want them to find it yet. She has set a trap for Eris, and so far, so good.

I’m Farley Friday, by the way. You haven’t seen me around for awhile, but i’m back. It’s tough work at the Agency. Venus is a demanding boss, and the search for Time is long and difficult. It doesn’t help that sometimes, i’m a double agent. It’s hard keeping that little nugget from gods and goddesses, but the more i get to know these supernatural beings, the more i realize how human they really are. They make mistakes galore and jump to conclusions like crazy. Makes my job interesting. And i must say, that most of the time, i’m on the good side of things. Once in awhile, though, Eris is my friend. This is not one of those times. I’m thoroughly in Lena’s, and therefore Fate’s, corner.

I exit the elevator and make a left down the hall. Ah yes, 318. I hear muffled voices, so i’m not too late. I knock. Marguerite answers.

Farley! It’s so good to see you! Where have you been?!

She throws her arms around me and plants a big kiss on my lips. On my lips? I look at the blue velvet winged chair in front of the window on the opposite wall. Lacey is relaxing, watching every move i make. She’s Lena’s cat after all, and a witch at that. She’s a lot harder to fool than any goddess i know. But, this time i see that she senses i’m on Lena’s side.

Marguerite.. i’ve been in Oslo for two weeks. We had a lead on Chronos, but it turned out to be a dead end. So here i am back in Portland. I need to fill you in on some information the Agency has on Eris.

As far as i know, Farley, Lena is the one who sent Lacey and i here to this strange but lovely hotel.

I look at Lacey, and she nods, but doesn’t speak.

I say, Marg, why don’t you and i sit and discuss. We can leave Lena’s couch out of it for now. It’s important, but other things come first. It seems Eris has located Dominic de Seckcee’s brother, Declan….


Mr. Seckcee! Declan? Are you still up here? I checked the security cameras, and it’s the strangest thing. One minute there’s no couch in Sayers, and in the next frame, the couch is there. Declan.. Declan, where are you?

Brette! Brette, help me! I’m in the couch!

I laugh. That Declan de Seckcee. Always playing pranks. I say, come out, come out, Declan! This is a fun game, but we’re at work. We shouldn’t be fooling around.

Then i hear a voice whisper, waldorf salad and chocolate lava cake. Yes, i heard correctly. I decide to take a seat on big orange and wait for Declan to come out of hiding. I sit on the middle cushion. I hear Declan’s voice say.. easy, Brette. Geez, you’re sitting on me.

I jump up off the couch and kneel down to look undeneath. Declan’s voice indeed sounds like it’s coming from the couch. But it can’t be! I hear a giggle. A feminine giggle.

I say, Declan! Stop fooling around. Come out, please. It’s not funny anymore!

I can’t come out, Brette! I’m stuck in the couch. I’m in some sort of limbo. I’m halfway between where you are and Eris’ lair in Cooke City, MT. Please help me! And please bring a homemade cherry cheesecake with a chocolate graham cracker crust! It must be made by you and from scratch! Please hurry! Pleeeeeeeassse!

M. Raynes


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