A Letdown But Not Really..

I was excited until twenty minutes ago. What a letdown. I had a meeting scheduled with Farley Friday that was supposed to take place at the Three Fates’ penthouse. But, then i got a text from Farley, saying that the penthouse is unavailable and that he’d be coming here instead. I guess i have time to change back into jeans and a sweater. I planned to dress up a little, but no need to bother now. Guess we’ll be more relaxed though. I was pretty nervous. The home of the Three Fates! I’ve never been there, but i’ve heard about it for years! The sisters themselves, Lena, Isabelle and Stephanie. Their animals! I love animals, and they have two rabbits, three cats and two dogs. No one else in that building could have that many animal companions in those apartments, but the sisters live in the enormous penthouse. Plus, who says no to Fate?

I wonder what assignment Farley will give me? I don’t officially work for The Agency, but i’ve done detective work in the past. That fact must be kept quiet. Mr. Friday knows because my cousin, Lola, worked for him for a couple of years. She recommended me. I hope i live up to Farley’s expectations.

I’ve heard many rumors about cases The Agency is working on. Eris is up to her old, troublemaker ways. Chronos is still missing. A replacement was hired, but things aren’t back to normal. Venus thinks Nu-Time is corrupt, so he must be dealt with. The Fates are hiding for various reasons. Lena, especially, is playing a game of catch me if you can. So far, no one can. Not even her cat, Lacey, knows where she is. It appears she’s testing everyone to figure out who’s worthy. Then again, Lena’s own orange velvet couch is missing. At first, she ‘lost’ it on purpose, but now it has gone rogue and could be anywhere! I do know one thing about this mission, not what it is, but i know i’ll be working with one of the Seckcee siblings, Dante de Seckcee.

The Seckcee siblings are sort of famous. There are eight of them. Dominic works full time for The Agency. It’s a not so secret secret. I’ve heard from a friend that Dominic is very worried about his brother, Declan. Declan is supposedly in Eris’ hands. She’s using him to get to Dominic. The whole thing is complicated. I haven’t heard as much about Dante, except that like is brothers and sisters, he’s super sexy.

There’s my doorbell. Farley is right on time. I look through the peephole, and sure enough, it’s Mr. Friday. I open the door and ask him in and invite him to sit.

He says, good afternoon, Camille. I’m surprised you accepted the mission without first knowing what it is, but then Lola told me how curious, brilliant and capable you are.

Before i sit across from Farley, i offer him coffee. I think of offering a martini. Lola said it’s his favorite, but i want to be professional.

He says, no thank you. I want to get right down to business. I want to explain everything and ask afterward if you’re still interested in the position. It won’t be an easy one.

I think, i’m sure i still want it, but i don’t want to look too eager. So, i sit back to give Farley my full attention.

He smiles, reaches into his briefcase, and pulls out a green folder. On the front is printed: Eris, Partial Dossier. Then, Farley reaches into his right jacket pocket and pulls out a little black velvet box. He opens it and places it on the coffee table between us. In the box is the most gorgeous pink sapphire ring i’ve ever seen. It must be at least ten carats. It’s cushion cut and set in rose gold. I take in a deep breath.

Farley smiles wider and says, i see, Camille, that this jewel has made quite an impact. It is an important part of the mission i’m about to describe, if you choose to accept it. This is the Eighty Third Sapphire.

I cough a little, and Farley chuckles. I think, this has to be a vitally important mission. Sitting on my coffee table.. MY coffee table! In my living room! Is one of the precious Time Gems…

M. Raynes


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