Which Friday?

Continued from last evening’s post..

Before we begin, Camille, please place the ring on your right forefinger.

I do as Farley asks. The sapphire fits perfectly. After a few seconds, it begins to glow, and my whole hand starts to tingle. It’s frightening. I look across the table at Farley, who’s skimming the info in the folder he took out. His eyes are shaded, and i can’t see them clearly. He puts on silver, wire rimmed, round glasses and peers over at me. His smile has changed. It’s not a friendly, open smile anymore. He looks… if i’m not mistaken.. a little malicious. Between the glasses and his expression change, i realize this man across from me isn’t Farley Friday. It’s his brother, Fraser. My stomach sinks to my knees.

What just happened?! I know it was Farley who walked into my apartment five minutes ago. Wasn’t it? I can’t think straight. I sit back in my chair and close my eyes for a few seconds. I open, and everything looks blurry. Fraser just sits, watches, and smiles. I try to remove the ring, but it won’t come off. It’s a pink sapphire, but it’s glowing an eerie orange.

Now relax, Camille. Go with the feeling. Let fate happen.

And i think, this isn’t fate. This is wrong. I try to stand and can’t. I see two Fraser Fridays.

I suggest you sit back, Camille. Close your eyes. This won’t take long. It’s time for me to go. I’ll leave the folder with you. When you come out of this, you’ll know what to do. You might have a mild hangover, but it’ll pass. You might not even hate me too much, but if you do, remember, this is what Fate wanted. It’s the only way to expose your powers. Don’t be afraid of me. I have no intention of hurting you.

I say, where’s Farley? What have you done with him? Maybe i don’t want the job after all. You said you’d ask again if i really want it, and you explained nothing.

Fraser laughs. It’s not an evil, cartoonish laugh. It’s more cynical than anything. I followed orders. Isn’t that what so many say?

You should have explained what would happen when i put on the ring! I think, i can move around more easily, and i think i can stand up now, but i don’t want Fraser to know that. Still can’t see straight.

He gets up to leave. His expression has changed. He seems almost compassionate, but i want to wring his neck!

I stand, but i’m shaky. I attempt a mild smile. I don’t want to go overboard. My vision is straightening itself out.

He nods at me and says, take care of yourself, Camille. We might see each other again in about a month, possibly in Toronto, or maybe in Cheyenne. Who knows.

As soon as he turns to go.. i know it’s cowardly, but i don’t know how strong Fraser is, and i want to catch him by surprise, i lunge at him. I wrap both my hands around the front of his neck and pull back. I hear a snap, and Fraser Friday falls to the floor in a big lump. His glasses bounce across the floor and land in front of my fireplace. I think i killed him! Did i kill him? I only wanted make a point. I wanted to take out some anger. I look at my hands. My vision is clear now.

I kneel down beside him and feel for a pulse, none. Why am i calm? Well, maybe he’s not dead. He’s a secret agent after all. What do i do? Who do i call? The police? Hey, guess what, Officer? I killed Fraser Friday! Can you get his body out of my apartment? Well, whatever i’ve got myself into, i’m into it all the way.


I’m getting awful vibes, Lacey. Like a friend is in big trouble.

I feel the same, Marguerite. I’ve tried a half a dozen times today to contact Lena. She doesn’t want to be found.

What should we do? What does your feline intuition say, Lacey?

I’m going to try to contact Isabelle. If i can’t get hold of her, then i know i can reach Farley Friday.

Wait, Lacey. I just got a text. It says, Fraser Friday = out of commission. Please go to 4482 NE Overton Avenue. Apartment 64. Camille Clemens , aka, Agent 20 needs your assistance. … Lacey, who is this Agent 20? I’ve never heard of her.

I think she’s new, Marguerite. But if she’s taken care of Fraser Friday, then i say good for her. I think even Farley won’t miss his brother. We better head over there. It’s only three blocks from here. We need to figure out what to do with Fraser’s body…

M. Raynes


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