The Noise Upstairs

I’m not sure what’s going on in the apartment above me, but there’s a lot of banging and bouncing happening. Someone is either having super lively sex, or someone just killed someone. The thought of the former makes me a little jealous, but the latter would be, and i shouldn’t think this, exciting. I think i’ve been reading too many murder mysteries. There certainly isn’t enough excitement in my life lately. I go to work four days a week at 7 am and come home at 4 pm. It’s not a bad schedule, but it’s mundane. I’m a claims adjuster. That sums it up. The office. Bland. I work with good people, but there’s no challenge to the job. That’s still no reason to hope for a murder upstairs, for goodness sake! Snap out of it, Alicia! Well, now i’m talking to myself. This i say to my adorable tuxedo kitty, Lyle. He looks at me as if to say, get a grip, mom.

Wait! Now i think i hear a body being dragged across the floor. Something’s definitely off up there. I want to go up and knock on the door. But what would i say if anyone answers? Sounds like you have a dead body up here? Do i try to peek around the open door? Should i just mind my own business? Yes. Yes i should. I’m too nosy for my own good. Tomorrow is Friday, and i don’t have to go to work. I think i’ll make a gin and tonic, relax with Lyle, and put in an episode of The Magicians.

When i go out to my kitchen, i realize i hear no sound from upstairs. Only silence. Now that’s weird. And now that i think of it, why was it so easy to hear everything a few minutes ago? This is not a cheap apartment in a cheap complex. I pay $1600 a month to live here. That’s one thing i like about my job. I get paid well.

I finish making my drink, start my show, first season, episode three, settle in with Lyle on my lap, and i hear a knock at my door. Who is this at 9:15 pm? I walk to the door, look through the little peephole and see no one. Great. Someone’s knocking then running away. Ha ha. Very funny. I open the door and look up and down the hall. No one. Something sparkly catches my eye, and i look to the floor. I see a little blue box with a pink foil ribbon wrapped around it. What could this be? Do i dare open? Of course i do. I’m nosy, remember? I take the little box inside, sit back on my couch, and Lyle jumps up beside me. He’s as curious as i. Just as i untie the ribbon and open the box, my phone on the coffee table dings with a text. First, i see the ring. It looks like a big pink sapphire set in gold. I take it out of the box and set it on the table. I pick up my phone to read the text. It’s a long one. I’m tempted to text back tl;dr lol, but i read it. It says, hello Alicia. I’m your upstairs neighbor Camille. I had to leave temporarily. Please keep this ring in safe hands while i’m gone. Will be in Green Bay for at least three weeks. I know this is a lot to ask. When i return, i’ll pay you $4000. But, whatever you do, Alicia, and this is of vital importance, DO NOT PUT ON THE RING! DO NOT! It might anger Fate!

Do not put the ring on? Is she serious? It’s gorgeous! And what could possibly happen? If i have to babysit it, i’m sure as hell going to wear it sometimes. What could go wrong?

M. Raynes


9 thoughts on “The Noise Upstairs

    • Thanks! Yep! Definitely an episodic tale. I started it a couple of nights ago. This is the third post. But there are not many characters yet, so not hard to keep track.. at least i don’t think so. There’s Farley Friday, who’s still alive (we think, ) Fraser, Farley’s brother who’s dead (we think,) Camille Clemens, who killed him, (we think) and Camille’s downstairs neighbor, Alicia, the bored, single claims adjuster who will play sleuth along with Dante de Seckcee. Other characters added to recipe as needed.


  1. I love the story. I guess you do read too many murder mysteries. So do I. I even watch them on TV. I can’t wait to read what happens next. If I were to guess I would say that she puts on the ring and her reality drastically changes.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, you’re right! 🙂 The next part of this is the story (chapter) Asking For Trouble. I haven’t posted the next part yet. Probably tomorrow. And thank you so much. Glad you’re enjoying it!


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