A Fix?

I’m wondering if any of you have any helpful hints for me. Every time, and this has been going on for a long time, i try to access the e-mail for this blog, i get a message saying it’s an invalid e-mail. Every time. It’s not an invalid e-mail. It can’t possibly be. I’ve had this blog for almost two years. I write on it often. What the ****?? I’ve tried to ‘fix’ it. My technical wizard husband has tried to ‘fix’ it. If he can’t find a problem; is there one? We can’t figure it out. If any of you have e-mailed me, i’m not answering because i can’t see your messages. I’m not a jerk.

So, maybe you all could help me? I would greatly love and appreciate it. Perhaps you know something i don’t? Thank you so much in advance for any helpful hints! Guess i’ll just keep writing posts here. That seems to work fine. But, i mean, how am i able to do that if this blog shouldn’t exist? 🙂

Thanks.. Mary, xo


9 thoughts on “A Fix?

  1. Having the same problem re my email and WP. The problem is in my email though. It’s not supported by Microsoft anymore, so my email server has no capability to accept my WP’s subscriptions via email. I still do receive Notifications.

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  2. I don’t think I’m receiving contacts from WordPress through my email either. I didn’t do anything about it. Lol.
    I just sat there and felt annoyed and then posted a post.
    I should tell people I’m not an asshole for not responding but I don’t know who to tell. 😔

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      • You can always put your email, or a gmail specifically for WordPress stuff on a contact page so people can send you notes from your WP site. There’s a possible can of worms facet to that, though. Or spend money on a WordPress hosted .com with ecommerce (you could sell Fates t-shirts) and email and embedded audio and video. You could sit in a rocker in front of a green screen of some far off place and read your stories!

        Or not.

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      • I could do that stuff. It sounds fun, but also complicated in some ways. I really like uncomplicated most of the time. But it might be worth a few complexities. I’ll ponder these ideas. You’ve given me a lot to think about.


  3. There’s no “contact me” on your home page. If you are looking to be notified of published posts by people you follow, that’s in the dashboard. If you want to send someone an email, if they have commented on any of your work their email address, or the one they used to sign up, is under their Gravatar with their ISP address. I suppose all that is for SPAM or security or stalker ID. Check your email.

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