Sweet and One Hundred Years

I see a bumble bee alight on a pink blossom

I sit cross legged in grass that’s up to my shoulders and observe while he works — I barely blink

I ran away from home – I found this place called Six Red Rose Months Ten.

Supposedly it’s made of of magic I came unprepared

There’s magic where i come from, but i never found it. I grew tired of looking, of waiting. I’d heard of this place in stories. All i’d need here is enough food and water for twenty four hours, then what i needed after that would simply appear

I know. I agree. A place like this one can’t be real, but i’m here, listening to the low, rumbling hum of my new friend. Watching him create sweet.

That’s what i’m looking for, sweet. Only for a few days. Then i’ll go back. Maybe.

I find i’m sleepy –The bumble bee alights on my chest. I imagine he’s looking into my eyes .. I close my eyes for a minute, then open

Now i see a field full of daisies, but in the distance, i see what look like a few red roses poking up from the grass. They’re tall. Taller than i am when i stand..

I stand and walk toward the red blooms – My friend buzzes around my head but makes no effort to sting – I think he’s trying to tell me something. I hear rustling in the grass. A tiger comes into stride beside me. He tells me his name is One Hundred Years

I must be dreaming – My desire for peace and sweetness has seduced me

One Hundred Years and i arrive at the rose garden. There are roses everywhere. Red ones. Yellow ones. Bright orange ones.

He says that here, roses never die. They become more so –

It begins to rain. Not water, but tiny lavender crystals

My companion tells me he’ll lead me to the real sweetness. To the true Six Red Rose Months Ten – If i want to go there.

If –

What do you want? He asks

I realize i’m thirsty and hungry. My bumble bee friend finds the perfect rose and rests

One Hundred Years asks again – What do you want, Olivia? Fate is asking. Usually Fate tells us, but this time – she is asking you – Much beauty lies ahead – we’re halfway there – But consider this – many surprises await also. Sweet and strong – also, some bitter and sour

So, you make a choice, my new friend

You ran away for sweetness

I consider. I try to make a fast decision, but i’m confused.

What do i want?

M. Raynes


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