Three Days!

Once a month i do this thing where i attempt to stay offline – off devices for three days. Three days! Okay, so this is the first time i’ll be doing it. Once a month from now on. Starting at 9 pm. tonight (It’s 6:30 pm as i type this.) until 9 pm. Tuesday. You might want to start a pool and place bets on how long i can make it. I’ll likely be on nonstop tonight until 9 with maybe ten minutes to eat dinner. Lol. I need to remind myself how much i used to love to read print books.. how observant i used to be of everything around me and not have my neck bent staring at my phone. There’s a world outside of electronics.

So – be back Tuesday evening, maybe. Or, if i find i really enjoy this digital-less time, later in the week – months from now? Doubtful. Not going to be on fb or instagram either. This will be like a cleanse. I hope!

Back whenever. Don’t forget to place your bets!  You know who you are!   😉

Mary xo


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