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Is it possible to have physical withdrawal symptoms when you cut way back on time spent online? I think i’m having some. I had similar symptoms a year ago when i cut out caffeine. I managed to ax it for all of a week. Then i went back to my iced tea habit. (I drink the stuff even in the dead of winter.) Anyway, it’s only been 2 days. I feel tired, restless, a little irritable, head achey and dimwitted like i have an alcohol induced hangover. (I haven’t had such a hangover in over 25 years.)

I admit to going ‘on’ a couple of times yesterday and earlier today, and i’m well aware, of course, that i’m on now typing this. So no, i couldn’t go 3 full days. Compared to the amount of time i’ve spent for years though, it was next to nothing. But that doesn’t count. I went on. I gave in to the urge. So that means i’m addicted. It logically follows, therefore, that i can be having physical symptoms. I think. Have any of you ever experienced this? It’s pretty shitty.

It has been wonderful otherwise though. When i can ignore the mild fatigue, (i can’t stand feeling any fatigue at all, i’m so used to feeing good,) and can settle in with a good book, go for a long walk, focus on sketching.. That’s when i forget about the ol’ internet. So i’m going to keep trying. I’ll come back here when i can go 3 full days without any, (how do i underline that?).. I mean ANY internet!

I might be back at the end of this week, the end of next week, or who knows when..when i can go 3 days without the social networking, the constantly grabbing my phone for who knows what. Certainly nothing important. You all take great care, and rest assured, i’ll be back!

Mary xo


5 thoughts on “Not Yet

  1. Oh Mary, if I have to give up my ice tea and get off the internet, just shoot me! It may be easier to ban the internet than abandon my favorite drink. But to keep mysanity, I think I’ll just keep having both. You will be missed, so hurry back.

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  2. I quit smoking 10 years ago. I’m not talking withdrawals, but it took my body a year of simply not feeling weird/like shit. Anything that’s not the internet works to make it go away. I turn on the synthesizers and all this takes a backseat. The reason why my output will diminish for a week or two at a time. We make this so important when it’s not. Remember the old days of land line phones, no caller ID? We’d climb down off a ladder to see who wanted us. Now we don’t reject when we know better, check in after we just checked in. Who sent an email, who read something, did somebody fart and I missed it…We have come to accept the constant barrage. I often envy Byron or Emily Dickinson or pick your composer sitting at their window or piano, pen in hand. Beethoven used to sketch out quartets riding in a carriage. No TV, no internet. He’d go home and finish them. However, Voltaire commented on our need to communicate calling (paraphrased) letter writing a wonderful thing if face time was out of the question. Which it was for several hundred years!

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    • I miss those days. When i was a kid, i loved my parents’ avocado green rotary phone. And my grandparents’ too. They had a black rotary, and their ring was one long, two short.

      Husband and i still have a landline, though we might be close to the only ones left. I will not get rid of it.. yet. We get so many ridiculous sales calls because i think the telemarketers think we must be over 80.

      Facebook is the one that’s getting to be too much for me. I don’t even enjoy it much anymore. I mindlessly click because it’s there. My husband had to convince me to get a cellphone. Didn’t want one. Can’t believe i’m ‘so’ addicted.


      • I can’t “do” Facebook. Lots of content, all the depth of mayonnaise. If I had relatives or old friends who weren’t dead a longs away, grandkids in Fiji, maybe. But email works just fine, and people get way stupid on there.

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