It’s the Humans

Last night i had a profound dream and an epiphany of sorts! It’s not the internet that is so bothersome in my life, though i still need to make big cuts in the time i spend on it, leave my phone at home more often, etc. Anyway, it’s not the internet itself; it’s many of the humans on it. They stalk and troll.  They’re like sludgy toxins that can slither under my skin if i allow them.  Like bacterial infections or the botfly larvae that i learned about on last week’s Nova episode!  Anyway, if i figure out a way to ignore many things and some people, i can have my online fun and my caffeinated iced tea too. I can have cake with the frosting, salad with the dressing, (but low fat dressing, cutting back, remember?) the halibut AND the chips! I’ll have the salad with oil and vinegar dressing instead of the creamy blue cheese that gives me hellacious gas!  Don’t get me wrong, i freely admit i’m a device/internet addict.  That, of course, hasn’t changed since yesterday.   🙂

Off to do some culling. Still won’t be on nearly as often as i once was, but i’ll not give it up. Think i’ll enjoy a big glass of iced tea whilst i use the trimmers.

Back soon,

Mary xo


5 thoughts on “It’s the Humans

  1. I hear ya, I was involved in another blog site before where there was deep interaction and it crossed over into a social network in many ways. A thing I’m not fond of. But I loved the writing and I grew to love a ton of people until the yucky parts of the internet unfolded for me. Removed myself from there, came here…..a few times lol and feel much better. Good luck to you 🙂

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    • Good you removed yourself from a situation like that. The social network thing gets to me sometimes. It gets to be catty and high schoolish. I like it here at wordpress though, so this is where i’ll spend most of my time.

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  2. I come here to force myself to write. Truth told I follow few and comment even less. Sort of like cosmic comrades and the rest don’t matter. But I do have like three books to finish. That and working and “Surprise! Here’s the grandkids!” all mean I need to get my nose to the grindstone more and comment even less…It’s almost passive aggressive to myself to be out here hanging when I need to get after it. Ahh…

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    • Well, i really appreciate your comments here. I know it takes time to do it. I follow more blogs than i visit, but not hundreds like some. Still too many. If i do comment, it’s because i genuinely like what i’ve read. The are many ways i can cut back on my internet time and still enjoy writing here. Gotta get on it.


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