Stuff Done

Lovely morning walk

Two chapters ‘novel’ written

Time for lunch it is

M Raynes

I put the word novel in quotations because i’m writing what may be an actual book someday. If anyone wants it. It’s something i enjoy, though, lover of stories that i am. But no agent, no publisher, etc. I don’t want to be one of those people who says, in a certain tone, oh yes, i’m working on my novel. You know, in the kind of accent where you barely move your lips. Neither do i want to constantly talk about my ‘novel in progress’. Blech. 🙂

Have a beautiful Tuesday afternoon/evening!



3 thoughts on “Stuff Done

  1. Why not? I have like five WIPs. Just like yours. I enjoy it. No editors, managers, publishers. Writing has become like music. There’s no money in it except for a handful of people, so you do it because you have to. Here’s the deal – One of those high priced editors was all over me because these days it all has to go somewhere. It did. There has to be an arc, not a set of silly adventures that end up with a conclusion, or a setup for more. I look at things like Gatsby and think, there’s no arc. Its a summer in city. There’s no formula, no body in the library by page 10. It’s just one of the old wo/man in the world things, too bad a nutcase killed him. Mistakenly. Nick could have carried that summer on for a couple more months, all the Gatsby fallout. Nope. One of the leads is toast, next. Not a neat little package like a pulp anything. Mystery solved! Bad guys dead! Fairy tales go on and on…

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    • I have a feeling that if i had an editor i’d argue with him/her every day. Likely more than once. I like for stuff to go on for a long time.. not for the sake of being long, but if the story is riveting. I like plot. There has to be good plot, but i’ve always been a fan of more heavily character based writing. You know, what makes people tick. But that stuff isn’t popular. I have notebooks full of handwritten things, this blog and other stuff. I love the way you write, btw. Action packed with well developed characters. Anyway, maybe one of these days i’ll send something somewhere and make sure i have an empty wall in my living room for all the rejections i get. 😀 And i just realized i used the word ‘stuff’ too many times in this comment. But, since i don’t have an editor, there it is.

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      • I have a character, the one in Rasputin in fact, who, when he gets jammed up having to cut to the chase in a situation, always remembers the advice his mentor the guitar player gave him when they played in topless bars there was no such thing as a long song and a four bar solo was it. “Edit the fluff on the fly, Jailbait. Now.” ‘Stuff’ is acceptable the same way the blues are predictable. Ain’t no thang. And if I had to boil it down to an equation I’d quit. I like non cliche driven characters, even though a lot of mine are pulpish. Good stories evolve. After some ass whoopings all I want from an editor is to point out style anomalies and attribution glitches and leave my story alone. Good beta readers will shout out when you’re bombing.


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