Not Writing

Sitting here thinking about how i should be writing –

Staring across the room at the open notebook on my desk – like it will come to life and devour me if i don’t write SOMETHING –

Looking out the window at the lovely spring green of the backyard – thinking about writing but not writing –

It sure is a beautiful day, i think, as i don’t write –

Sitting here thinking about doing some laundry instead of writing –

Doing laundry? WTF?

Sitting here thinking i should start writing before i decide to clean the toilets instead! Yeesh!



6 thoughts on “Not Writing

  1. There is a polishing a turd joke to be had in your last stanza. When creativity or the muse forsake me I edit. Finding the clams often cranks the engine over. Editing and cleaning toilets are not such dissimilar tasks.😰

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