A Dream

My dreams have become increasingly bizarre in the last couple of weeks. I suppose they’ve always been weird, but last night’s takes the chocolate cake. (This is real, btw, not a fictional dream.) πŸ™‚

I was at a party.. a fancy art gallery opening. I had on a red, sparkly gown, but i was in my stocking feet. Undressy white socks. I realized my shoes were on the floor in the back seat on the driver’s side of someone else’s car, so i went out to put them on. They were sneakers, not heels that would go with the gown i had on. I got in the car in the back, and the car turned on by itself. It started to drive itself around the parking lot. I freaked out, as any normal person would, being in a car that drives itself. So, i stood up and reached the steering wheel from the back. In waking life, my arms are not that long, but in this dream, i had no trouble reaching the wheel. I was able to steer for awhile and keep the car from going off the pavement and into the woods. But – then i went straight into the trees. I hit a big tree, but was unhurt. The car stopped dead, and i climbed out. I walked back to the party in my stocking feet. Guess i thought i no longer needed shoes.

— I walked back into the party, got a martini at the bar and got everyone’s attention. Turns out that after steering the car around for awhile, i figured out that every person in the room was cheating on his/her spouse. I started naming people. Everyone began arguing and throwing drinks at each other. Then it became an hors ‘doeuvre fight. Cocktail weenies and caviar everywhere, and i was loving it.

And that’s when i woke up. Sigh. What does all this mean? Thoughts? I’ve no idea. I guess it doesn’t have to mean anything. It just is. I would like to hear your opinions though! All i can come up with is something about back seat driving.

I’ll be back soon with a piece of flash fiction. Have a lovely Sunday and Happy Mothers Day to all Moms!

Mary xo


9 thoughts on “A Dream

  1. Personally I would leave the cheese alone at night. It sounds as though you lack a little self confidence’ you know the dress to wear but you don’t have the full outfit as though you don’t trust yourself.
    Then you get weird and into car theft and damage, and you come back and start tittle tattling on everyone, ah well, at least you didn’t consider blackmail instead.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

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    • This is probably it. I can’t figure out why my shoes would be in the back of someone else’s car, or how i could possibly drive from the back seat. Lol. And cocktail weenies and caviar are quite the combo. What kind of a part WAS this. Was it really fancy, or casual dress. Guess i was indeed confused. Big hugs back, David!

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    • Maybe my seasonal allergies are affecting my mind. Lol. Scary thought. And tell, tell! Turn one of your bizarre dreams into a story. Dreams can be most excellent fodder for tales, but then you know this. πŸ™‚


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