Orange Couch Found

Wait! Is this it? Could it really be the orange velvet couch that belongs to The Three Fates? I didn’t think about it a couple of hours ago. I was on my way out to do an errand in town when i noticed the open moving truck parked in front of my building. I’m getting new neighbors in the apartment across from mine, #424. I’ve heard through the building grapevine that they’re a couple in their early forties who have no human children, but they have two dogs; a sheltie and a poodle.

But back to earlier. As i was walking to my car, i noticed that the back of the moving truck was open, so i took a peek inside. I didn’t see anyone milling around out there, so i took a closer look. I saw saw some nice looking furniture. A little too colorful for my taste, but it’s not my taste so it doesn’t matter. Maybe they like bright furnishings because this is Oregon, and it’s dark and dreary during the winter months.

Anyway, i saw an orange velvet couch. Not neon orange or 70s era burnt orange, but a lovely in between orange. It was right at the edge, like it was the next thing they planned to move upstairs. I reached up to touch it, and i heard a deep voice from behind me.

Excuse me, miss. Can i help you?

Oh, i was just admiring this couch. Orange isn’t my favorite color, but i love this.

Deep voice cleared his throat. Actually miss, Mr. and Mrs. Lambert don’t want to keep it. It scares one of their dogs. We’re going to put it in the lobby and stick a for sale sign on it. We checked with management, and they okayed it. The Lamberts only want fifty bucks. It’s a steal.

I want it, and i’ll take, i said. And i have cash. I took out my wallet and pulled out two twenties and a ten.

Deep voice smiled and said, the money isn’t mine. You need to give it directly to Ms. Lambert.

Well, that apartment is across from mine, so that’ll be easy to do. I want to ask you a favor though. If i pay you, will you and one of your guys move this up to apt. #412. You’re going up there anyway, and like i said it’s right across the hall from the newbies. It’ll even fit on the service elevator.

Sure. Just gimme ten bucks.

Done. And i think, well that was easy. I’m getting a great couch cheap.

It didn’t occur to me a couple of hours ago to ask why this lovely couch is so inexpensive, and why one of the dogs is afraid of it. I mean, it’s a piece of furniture. Now it’s in my apartment in a perfect spot in my living room. I’m sitting in my reading chair gazing at it.. my black kitty, Oliver, on my lap, staring at the thing, transfixed.

An hour ago, i knocked on the Lamberts’ door. I introduced myself to Claudia Lambert with a ‘hey, i’m your across the hall neighbor, Pomona Griffith.Ā  I love your couch and decided to purchase it. Here’s the fifty dollars you asked for.

She was very friendly. We didn’t chat long, but she asked me if i had any questions about the couch. I said no, and thought that was odd. Now that i think of it, i should have asked her why one of their dogs didn’t like it. But i didn’t. She asked me in for tea, but i said no thank you. I had errands to run. I’d postponed the errands to have the couch moved in. Her dogs were curious about me and didn’t leave Claudia’s side the few minutes i was there. Cute dogs too. Well behaved. Poodle is named Liz, and the sheltie is named Atticus. Animal names always interest me. Maybe because as a rule, i prefer furry animals to humans.

I sit, again, in my reading chair. I heated up some of my leftover beef stroganoff and poured myself a glass of pinot noir. Now i’m relaxed. It’s getting dark, and Oliver is curled up on the rug at my feet. It has dawned on me that yes. Yes, this is the very couch that belongs to the Three Sisters Fate. Of course, i have no hard evidence for this. It’s only a feeling. There is a reward offered for the return of this orange velvet couch. A reward of $400,000. I’m not kidding. If this is the couch, and i want the reward, i need solid proof this is it before i say a word to anyone. Do i want the reward? I think i’d rather have the couch. It has quite a reputation. It can fly. It can perform magic. It can travel in time. You have to know the passwords.

I finish my wine and food, rinse my dishes and leave them beside the sink. Oliver follows me to the hall closet. It’s where i keep a stash of House Sexy magazines. I’ve subscribed for over five years. I need to find the July 2014 issue. There’s a spread in that one full of photos of the Three Fates’ penthouse. I know there’s a photo of the couch in it.

I find the right issue and flip to page sixty five. Yes! This is indeed the couch. Did the Lamberts not realize it? Is the couch dangerous? Did Fate not mean for them to have it? So many questions! I go back to the living room, and Oliver is close behind. I plunk myself down on orange, and kitty jumps up to sit beside me.

I hear a chuckle. Well, well, Pomona. You’ve taken possession of Lena’s couch! I’m so happy to be away from that dog across the hall. That poodle was out to get me. This isn’t the couch talking, Pomona. It’s Dominic de Seckcee. I need your help to get out of here. Eris trapped me in here months ago.

My heart pounds. I start to sweat and say nothing. Oliver jumps down, starts to yowl, and i sit stock still.

Pomona! Pomona! I need your assistance! Please don’t disappoint me!


To Be Continued Soon

M. Raynes


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