A Place of Danger?

Five Gardenia Years Nine is where i’m headed. My guide, an orange tabby cat named Matisse is in the passenger seat. I can drive as far as NW Gareth, and i’ve been instructed to then park in front of #738. It’s a parallel parking spot, and that freaks me out a little. I haven’t parallel parked in ten years, since the day i took and passed my road test and got my license. I digress.

Once i park in the reserved space, i need to put Matisse in his carrier.  He won’t like it one bit, and i’m(we’re) to walk down the narrow alley between #738 and #742. It will look, from where i park, like there’s a street behind and parallel to Gareth, but there isn’t. It’s an illusion. There is; however, a tall white pine behind the yellow Queen Anne house that is #738. I’m supposed to stand beside the tree, let Matisse out of his carrier, and say the words, pierogis with mushrooms and capers. I know. It’s weird. But those are my instructions. The text came from Farley Friday. My mother worked for Mr. Friday for eighteen years.  She’s retired from The Agency now, and living in St. Lucia. I tried to call and tell her about Farley, but i couldn’t reach her. I think, though, that Mom would want me to do this job, whatever it turns out to be. I’m not afraid at all, though it strikes me as odd that Matisse is supposed to be my guide. What does that mean? He’s a cat.

One more left turn and a half a mile, and there it is. I pull in to park. It’s not hard.  I was worried for nothing. There are only three other cars on the street, and they’re nowhere near mine.

Wait. What’s this? Who’s whispering to me? Am i losing my mind? I look over at the passenger seat, and Matisse is looking at me with his piercing amber eyes. I think he’s scowling. Cats can scowl?

Yes. He’s whispering. He says, i’m not getting into that carrier, Yvonne. Don’t even think about trying to make me.

But Matisse, Farley said…

I don’t care what Farley said. Lena would never expect me to get in there! Neither would Isabelle or Stephanie.

You know the Fates, Matisse?

Then i think, am i listening to myself? I’m talking to a cat, and the cat is talking back. What the… ?

Yes, Yvonne. I know all three Fates and i know Venus. Farley is up to something. Let me explain before we get out of the car. I’m not going to let you go behind this house.

M. Raynes

To Be Continued Tomorrow ( For Reals) 😀


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