A Lavender Emerald

I don’t know why i’m sneaking around the house. My parents are visiting Eugene all day. They won’t be home until around 8 tonight. They went to visit friends and asked me to go, but i said i’d rather start on my assigned summer reading.  I start eighth grade in fall, and i’ll have more homework. They’re happy i’m conscientious, plus they know Daisy is coming back to Portland for the summer. They aren’t worried about me staying in my room a lot and being antisocial. I know they’re concerned about me sometimes. I have a vivid imagination, and i guess they think i live in the clouds a lot.  I don’t. I’m totes grounded in reality.

Last night i got a text from someone named Isabelle. Isabelle is the name of the middle sister Fate, but this had to have been from another Isabelle. The text Isabelle told me my Dad works for Eris. You know, Eris, the Goddess of Discord. I don’t believe it. Dad’s a good guy. There’s no way he’s a spy, and if he was, he would NOT work for that skank. Text Isabelle also told me that there’s a map of a place called Four Snapdragon Months Eleven hiding in Dad’s office. Never heard of it, and i’ve lived in Portland all the almost thirteen years of my life. So, i’m going into Dad’s office even though i’m not supposed to.

Byron is sitting on the couch watching me. I wish he could talk. But then he might tell me i shouldn’t go in. He saw me put the emerald i found in the toilet in my jeans pocket. Text Isabelle said it’s the One Rose Two Day Emerald. So many idiotic names of things. What does that even mean?

I say, come on Byron. Come with me. We climb the stairs side by side. Dad’s office is the first door on the left. I tiptoe. We stop in front of the door. I haven’t been in there in ages. A few months ago, Dad showed me an old map of Newfoundland. He collects antique maps. Anyway, that’s the last time i was in there.

I try to turn the knob and realize the door is locked. I didn’t know Dad locks this door. Byron scratches the wood. He barks twice. I say, no one’s in there By. They’re gone, remember? Then i smell stawberry pie baking. The scent isn’t coming from the kitchen, it’s wafting from under the door. Byron barks again. He scratches like crazy. I say, Byron! Stop it. They’ll notice the scratches. He stops, but it’s like he hears someone in there. Then, i hear a whisper. A female whisper. It says, the emerald, Rosalie. The emerald opens the door. I’m like, freaking out. What’s going ON? Maybe i should just flush the emerald and forget the whole thing.

I say, who’s there? Who are you?

Again, the whisper. The emerald, Rosalie. The emerald opens the door.

Byron sits and stares at the door, and i pull the emerald out of my pocket. When it was still in the toilet, before i rescued it, it talked. But since i fished it out, the emerald hasn’t said a word. Now it’s not green. It’s glowing a shade of neon lavender. It feels warm in my hand.

I hear the whisper again. It says, Rosalie, with me in your left hand, turn the knob with your right hand, and say the words, strawberry pie and a chocolate milkshake. When the door opens, you won’t be in Oregon anymore. You and Byron will be in Eight Tiger Years August. Your friend Daisy will meet you there…

To Be Continued

M. Raynes

PS. I only had time for a shortie. Tomorrow night’s part will be longer with more going on. 🙂


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