Wrong Password

I hope i did the right thing sending Rosalie Wade to Eight Tiger Years August. It’s the only way to protect her from Eris. She’s twelve years old, though i admit, a grown up and aware twelve. Her parents couldn’t have protected her, although they’d have tried their damndest. I’ll have to notify them, of course, that their girl is gone for a few days and explain where she is and why. A task i dread. Reese Wade used to work for Isabelle, the middle of the Three Sister Fates, but he had a brief affair with Eris before he married Calla. Eris doesn’t like being jilted. She wants revenge through Rosalie. Not going to happen. I hope Rosalie made it to the right place; that i gave her the right password.

My desk phone rings. I still have a landline in my home office. I pick up. Farley Friday here.

Mr. Friday, we have.. an issue. Rosalie Wade isn’t in Eight Tiger Years August. Wrong password.  Study the manual again. She ended up in Twenty Petunia Days Moonstone. What will we do? And what will you tell Reese and Calla?

I’ll worry about that, Krystal. The important thing is that Eris can’t get to Rosalie for a few days. Eris must be neutralized. Not permanently. For a week or so. We need to keep Rosalie safe until then. I can’t recall. Who’s our contact in Twenty Petunia Days Moonstone? Will she protect our charge? She’s twelve, and i have no idea how much she knows about what her parents do.

Stay calm, Farley. Our contact there is Hannah Pax. She’s kind and ruthless at the same time and will protect Rosalie with her life. In a weakened state, Eris is no match for Hannah. You know what Eris’ constant quests for revenge do to her. She must be exhausted and scattered, and that’s a good thing for us.

I just got an idea, Farley. I’ll contact Declan de Seckcee. Eris has a real soft spot for all the Seckcee brothers. I’ll see what Dec is up to. Maybe he can distract Eris for awhile. He can charm the panties off any female, human, witch, or goddess.  Eris will forget all about Reese Wade for awhile.

Thank you, Krystal! You do that, and then get in touch and tell me how it goes. What i need to do now is study The Agency Employee Manual again. I can’t keep the passwords straight. Maybe it’s my advancing age.

Well, you are going on four hundred and thirty, Farley. Definitely not a young stallion anymore.

Ha ha, Krystal. Very funny. My girlfriend would beg to differ. Those Cialis and Viagra commercials aren’t directed at me.

A sigh from Krystal. I’ll get back to you in an hour, Farley. When i do, we should discuss the situation with Lena’s orange velvet couch. She’s impatient for us to find it. I don’t blame her. It’s been missing for months!

I’ll look forward to your call. Now, off to have some dinner and study. I also have the highly unpleasant task of contacting Rosalie’s parents. I dread telling them we had to relocate their daughter…

To Be Continued

M. Raynes


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