An Introduction

I have no idea how i came by this ability. As far as i know, no one else in my family has it. Do i dare eat any of this eggplant parmesan i baked? I have no desire to cast a spell on myself. That sounds silly. I should know better, right? But, i only realized that i have this power three months ago. I don’t quite have it under control yet. As i said, i don’t know how this happened. I turned twenty eight last week! All those years thinking i would never have any special talent, then, snap!

My twenty two year old sister can hear the future in classical music. My mother can communicate with rabbits. They tell her things. I know what you’re thinking, but i’ve seen and heard it. My Dad can read stories in trees. Yep. I’ve seen that too. There were times when i was a teen, that i felt like i was in the cast of a lame Disney movie. Then again, i also learned that animals are a lot smarter than most us humans think.

So, my family has these supernatural abilities. I’ve felt left out. I have a degree in French Literature. I speak four languages besides English. I’m a successful novelist. I write popular romantic suspense stories. I know, they’re not literature, blah, blah, blah. But they’re not like Fifty Shades of Grey either. I’m intelligent, talented and successful. I couldn’t create magic though. Not until this past Valentine’s Day. It took baking six chocolate, peanut butter frosted cakes for a party to make me see what my specialty is! I can cast spells when i bake! It caught me by surprise.

There have been mishaps with my baking in the last few weeks. A week ago, i baked my boyfriend some peanut butter cookies. An hour after he ate two, he proposed to me. Now many people would think that’s a great thing, but Jonah and i have only been seeing each other for six months. Our relationship, if i can call it that, consists mostly of a mutual interest in watching classic foreign films, a love of Greek food, and fabulous sex three times a week. Those things do not a marriage make. There have been other incidents with cakes, pies, lasagna, and my special Irish Stew that i’ll relate sometime.

Duncan de Seckcee somehow got wind of my new found talent, and he recruited me to join his new spy agency. He left his job at The Agency at the New Year. He got tired of the long distance travel, and all the lying that goes on in the world of spies. To me, lying goes with the job of espionage, but whatever. I figure he heard about my baking magic from my gossipy Aunt Elise.  At first, i was unhappy. Well, why sugarcoat it? I was pissed. Really, really pissed off. I have to hone my powers. I was honest with Duncan about that. He said, no worries, Daphne. You’ll be a great agent.

So, tomorrow, Duncan and i have a lunch date in Six Leopards Twenty Peridots. I remember going there once with my parents and sister when i was fourteen. Interesting place. He’s made reservations at a French restaurant. He wants to discuss where the Three Fates might be hiding. Rumor has it they might be nearby. But that’s only rumor. Fate is tricky. I’m so looking forward to this job…

To Be Continued

M. Raynes


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