A Cake and a Rabbit

I’m following Duncan de Seckcee and a woman i’ve never seen before. I’m staying as close as i dare. Any closer, and i’m sure they’d spot me. I can’t have that. My boss, Farley Friday told me to tail Duncan and figure out what he’s up to. He left The Agency a few months ago, and Farley heard through the grapevine that Duncan has started a spy business of his own.

I’ve never met Duncan or any of his brothers, but i’ve heard plenty about them. I heard just last week that someone turned Duncan’s older brother Daire into a tuxedo cat. Apparently it was an act of revenge by a scorned witch. There are two agents assigned to that case.. to find the guilty party and the spell that’ll turn Daire back into a human. I talked to Agent 231 about it yesterday while i waited to see Farley. She said she’s heading to Fifteen Rubies Three Roses this afternoon to find Aurelie Kaczka, the prime suspect. Wait.. how did i get on the subject of Daire de Seckcee? Oh right, he’s Duncan’s brother. I need to focus. Still following Duncan and the mystery woman.

I want to figure out who this woman is. Is she a personal friend of Duncan’s, another former Agency Agent, one of his girlfriends, or maybe his only sister, Drusilla de Seckcee? I saw Ms. Unknown get in the car with him, and she bears a strong resemblance to Stephanie, the youngest of the three Sisters Fate. But that can’t be right. Can it? As high up in the organization as the Seckcee siblings are, i don’t think any of them have met the Fates personally. Then again, there are many secrets.

Duncan and his companion are three cars ahead of me. We’re in the city, and traffic is slow. Less of a chance i’ll lose them. I see his Audi take a right on to SE Gentlee. I stay back enough, but follow. Right away, i think, why is there hardly anyone here? Duncan’s car and mine are the only two moving. There are only three cars parallel parked on the right, and they’re quite a distance apart. Nothing on the road looks familiar. I see Duncan pull over to the right and stop. I slow down and pull over in front of a little brown house that sits between a shoe repair shop and a flower shop. I take out my binoculars. Duncan and Unknown are deep in conversation. They’re parked in front of a small diner called, Lois’ 15th Street. Fifteenth Street? This is Gentlee. I know i followed them down Gentlee. I’m not normally easily confused.

I look through my binoculars again. The woman is getting out of the car. Now i see her clearly! I know who she is! She’s Daphne Innes! One of my favorite authors. What’s she doing with Duncan?

He’s not getting out of the car. Daphne is getting something out of the back seat. I adjust the binoculars. It’s a covered round cake tray. Can’t tell if there’s a cake under the cover or not. Now Daphne’s pulling out a suitcase. A suitcase? I put down my binoculars and grab my phone so i can text Farley.

I text, what do i do? Followed D and a friend. On SE Gentlee. Stopped and watching them.

…….. No answer from Mr. Friday. I probably should have texted him Daphne’s name. For some reason, i feel confused and dizzy. I look through the binoculars again. Daphne walks into the diner, and wait! Duncan drives away. I feel like i should follow him, but i feel too woozy to drive. What’s wrong with me?

I look at my phone again. Still nothing from Farley. Too late to tail Duncan. I decide to go into the diner and check out what Daphne is up to. Maybe i’ll sit and order some late lunch. Then i’ll feel better. I lock my car then walk across and down the street. Now there’s no one around. No one driving. No one parked. I feel a little better walking. I stop at the diner’s door and look inside. There are only ten tables. No one eating. Looks like i’ll be the only customer.

I go in and take a table for two in the front to the left. Where did Daphne go? To the restroom? I feel tingles all over. I need to eat, but no server comes out of the kitchen. I think i’m the only one in here. I look toward the counter and see Daphne’s cake pan, and yes, there’s a cake. It’s a yellow cake. Its sides are naked, but the top and between the four layers have lavender frosting. I want a piece. I’m desperate for it, in fact. I walk to the counter, take off the cover, take the cake knife conveniently there and cut into the cake.

Then i hear a voice. I drop the knife on the counter.

The female voice says, i wouldn’t eat that if i were you. It’s meant for another.

I look around and still see no one. The voice again.. seriously, do not eat any.

I look down the counter and see a gorgeous rabbit. An orange rex. She’s the one speaking. No, i’m not bonkers.

She says, hello, Veronica. That cake is meant for Farley Friday. Daphne saw you following her and Duncan. She asked me to warn you. Don’t go back to The Agency. The agents are dangerous. Follow Daphne to Three Pearls Nine Mysterious Firs. I’ll show you the way. You’ll be safe there…

To Be Continued

M. Raynes


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