Litter Box Treasure

It can’t be real. It must be gossip. People are bored or unhappy with the state of our country. I know i am. The latter, not the former. They’re dreaming up tall tales.. saying that they’ve found expensive treasure and jewelry in.. their toilets. Seriously!?

There’s an item in the Oregonian about it this morning. A twelve year old girl found an expensive emerald ring in her home’s master bathroom toilet. Her parents weren’t home at the time. The next day she disappeared, but Farley Friday called them to say Rosalie is safe. I guess this kind of thing can happen when your parents work for The Agency.

Last week, a ruby necklace appeared in someone’s fridge, wrapped beautifully and sitting on the top shelf next to some leftover involtini. I love involtini, especially when it’s made with eggplant, but to find rubies? Maybe i could retire.

Then, i heard yesterday that my old high school friend, Millicent, who lives to the east in Pendleton, found a ten carat cognac sapphire pendant in her kitchen sink. It was as if the drain coughed it up. In Pendleton?! That’s out in the middle of nowhere. Why would treasure end up there? My friend, Elinor, who’s the one who passed me that tidbit, can’t believe it either. I told Elinor i’m going to spend today turning my house upside down looking for gems. I need to clean my fridge anyway. Who knows what’s growing in there. My boyfriend likes to do experiments, then he forgets about ’em. It could happen that i find diamonds in some moldy, months old taco casserole. Elle said she’s doing the same. She’ll not leave a stone unturned. Then i suppose, you know, a watched pot never boils.

First, some lunch to fortify myself. My kitty, Rowan follows me to the kitchen. I say, okay sweetie, you get food too. I feed him, make myself a tuna salad with lots of pickles sandwich, pile a few salt and vinegar chips on my plate, grab a ginger ale from the fridge and sit down to watch an episode of Frasier on Netflix. Rowan, who ate super fast, sits beside me on the couch.

We’re fifteen minutes into the show when my phone buzzes with a text. I pick it up from the coffee table and read it. Then i read it again.

Gwen – This is Isabelle. Yes, THE Isabelle – Time to scoop out Rowan’s litter box. You’ll find a surprise.

I laugh out loud. Who IS this person? It cannot be that Isabelle. The middle of the Three Sister Fates. This is a bad joke. It’s funny though. I’ll say that. I just changed the litter in Rowan’s box yesterday. The only stuff in there is cat litter. Should i go along with the joke? I go to text back whoever this is, but a text comes through.

Hey babe! You’ll never believe what i found in Spencer’s litter box! I’m coming over and bringing it with me. Either we’re going to be rich or we’ll have super powers.

My heart pounds. That’s my boyfriend, Ryan. It can’t be what i think. I go down the hall and look into Rowan’s box. Should i? I pick up the scoop to dig in, then i hear a voice come from the living room. Rowan runs past me and into my room. He must want to hide under my bed. I say, come out, sweetheart! It’s only the TV. But my heart pounds again. I tiptoe back down the hall. I look around the room, and i see no one. I look at my door and realize, yes, i locked it. No one came in. But i look at the TV and it has turned off on its own. Again the voice. It’s the voice of a young woman.

She says, Gwen.. look under your pillow. Look under the pillow on the right side of your bed.

Who are you? Where are you? This is a really bad joke. Not funny at all. And you scared my cat!

I’m Isabelle, Gwen. I’m Fate. You have to do what i want. This isn’t a prank.

I say, but what about Rowan’s litter box?

My assistant got it wrong. She meant Spencer’s litter box. Your boyfriend’s kitty. Now, go look under your pillow. Do it now! Ryan is on his way over. You have part of the puzzle here!

But where are you?

Nevermind, Gwen. Your pillow. Go look!

I sigh. I walk back down the hall and into my room. I find Rowan sitting on the pillow on the right. He sees me and jumps off. I go over and lift the pillow. I can’t breathe, and i feel dizzy. I pick up the most beautiful bracelet i’ve ever seen. It’s a wide gold bangle inlaid with large diamonds and emeralds.

I say, look, Rowan! Look what Mom found. Isn’t it magnificent?

Well, Mom. It’s about time. Now both of us have powers that you never dreamt of.

I feel faint. My cat is talking to me. I say, Rowan? Am i losing my mind?

He says.. yes, he says.. Nope. This is all real. Now we wait for Ryan and Spencer to get here and, we leave for Four Lions Eleven Blue Diamonds for our meeting with Fate.

To Be Continued

M. Raynes


2 thoughts on “Litter Box Treasure

  1. LOVED this. And jewels in Pendleton? Nope…not gonna happen. It’s an armpit! I was so glad we moved further east from there. And even that isn’t one of my favorite places. Gems in Portland in odd places, that is just normal! lol

    Liked by 1 person

    • It is normal for Portland! I love those bumper stickers i see that say, keep Portland weird. I can’t imagine it any other way.

      And i agree about Pendleton. I am definitely not a fan of that town. I feel hot and dusty just thinking about it.


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