Being Cupid

I begin my story by confessing that i am the real Cupid. I’m not a boy, and i’m not a baby. I’m a full grown woman. I’ve no idea how old i am, but have been told i look about thirty eight to forty three in human years. I don’t carry a bow and quiver everywhere, though i possess those things. They’re gifts from the Fates. I’d look ridiculous if i took them with me all the time. I have many ways of making people fall in love or indifference. Sometimes i do it with gifts of pastries. Sometimes my method is my magic chartreuse velvet couch.

It can be complicated, this love thing. I don’t always consider that. I’ve had many disagreements with Fate and Time. Even Discord has been pissed at me a few times. I had an outright brawl with Lena once. If you don’t know, she’s the oldest of the three sister Fates. The younger two sisters, Isabelle and Stephanie, are more even tempered. Most of the time, we get along, but sometimes the stuff hits the fan.

I’m getting off track. I should also let you know that i’m a detective. I don’t have a private eye license, but i’m a goddess and have no need for permission to detect. Right now, i’m working on four cases. I’ll tell you all about them here. This is my diary of sorts. There are these cases, plus i’m working on five love affairs. Strange way of putting that, i know. But sometimes my methods miss the mark. Sometimes people are stubborn. They don’t fall in love the way i want. What i mean is, i’m a goddess, and i’m powerful, but humans have strong will. They’re not as easily led as i’d like them to be. It’s frustrating.

My sidekicks on these missions are my red tabby, Jonathan and my mini schnauzer, Simone. Every once in awhile, i trust a couple of my human girlfriends with a case’s juicy details. Then there’s my boyfriend. Well, this week he’s my boyfriend. That could change soon or not. Asa Rex Andersen is a great guy, but sometimes my job is dangerous, and he can be a little absent minded professorish at the worst times.

So, this is the start of my log of adventures in detecting, matchmaking and sometimes wrecking .  Yes, sometimes i break couples apart.  I’m a goddess, and i can do things like that.  But usually i wreck in the name of love. You’ll see.

Oh, and before i end this first entry, i should introduce myself with my human name. I can’t go around calling myself Cupid, now can i? My human name is Chloe Winn. There you have it.

I’ll be back soon with some love case news! Stay tuned!

M. Raynes


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