Cupid Reunites with an Old Friend

The ornament is no longer talking to me. I took it off the tree as it asked and brought it up to my apartment. No one saw me. I hope. I set it on my coffee table, sit on my couch, and stare at it. Simone and Jonathan jump up on the couch to sit beside me, Simone on my left, Jonathan on my right. They stare with me. I wish they could talk. I tell them what happened..

So, i was walking through the lobby on the way to lunch, you guys, and i saw Asa and Nat talking out front. Then Natalie left and Asa walked in. I hid so he wouldn’t see me. He walked to the tree, then walked around it and disappeared. It was crazy. I went over to the tree to see what the hell was going on, and this glass kitty talked to me. He told me to take him off the tree and see what happens. I did, and nothing happened and here we are. Short version.

Cat and dog look up at me like i’m nuts, but i talk to them like this a lot. Like i said before, i really need a human friend i can trust. Not sure i can trust Natalie anymore. Ditto Asa. Then i remember i’m supposed to meet Asa at our favorite bakery at 2. I have forty five minutes. If i decide to go, i’ll need to drive.

I say to Simone and Jonathan, what do you think, my sweethearts? Should i go and meet him? Then i remember that he disappeared behind the Christmas tree. Tell you what, if i wasn’t a goddess, i’d think i’d gone bonkers. But i’ve seen stranger things.

Wait! I hear kitty ornament clear his throat. He says, i need your assistance, Chloe.

I say, oh, so you can still talk. I wondered. So who are you anyway? You’re obviously not really a Christmas ornament. Why the disguise? And where is Asa? What have you done with him?

Chloe! So many questions. Doesn’t my voice sound familiar?

I think for three seconds, and say no.

Are you sure? Remember that party at Dahlia Forest Mansion? 1925? Right here in Portland?

I swear my heart stops for a few seconds. I remember, and i say, but it can’t be you! Duncan! Duncan de Seckcee! So you’re a cat now, and not even a real cat, but a glass Christmas cat?

I’m disguised, though i do need your help to get back to my sexy Seckcee self. Please, Chloe. For old times’ sake?

I don’t know, Dunc. You sound kinda whiny. Did you forget your own spell?

No. I didn’t forget, exactly. I wanted to see you after all these years. I’ve missed you, sweetheart. And that Asa dude is no good for you. He has secrets.

If i help you get back to normal, will you share his secrets with me? Tell me where he went when he disappeared behind the Christmas tree?

Kitty Duncan sighs.. yes Chloe. I’ll tell you what i can.

I look at my watch, and i think, well, i won’t be going to see Asa now anyway. Duncan seems to read my mind and says..

Asa will be busy for the next three or so days. If you had plans with him, they’ve been nixed. Isabelle sent him on a mission to Thirteen Buoy Bells Four Emeralds.

I feel my blood pressure go up. Then i feel nauseated..

You mean to tell me, Duncan, that Asa works for the Fates?

Yes, Chloe. Indeed he does.

I begin to seethe.

Now don’t get too upset. After all, Cupid.. i can call you who you are, right? You have many secrets of your own. Help change me out of this feline ornament form, and i’ll help you out. Then we’ll work as partners. It’ll be just like old times.

All right, Dunc. Will do. But wait, does this involve an elevator, aluminum foil, a ring or necklace or food passwords?

Kitty Duncan laughs out loud. Simone and Jonathan are riveted.

No, my lovely Cupid. But it does involve a bottle of gin and eight olives…

M. Raynes



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