I might be back. Possibly. When our “President” has been removed from office. (If?) Don’t feel like writing.

Take care.



We are lost, and i am devastated. How did we so thoroughly lose our way?


Dang it! I cannot make up my mind about a single thing today. The news. The news is so upsetting (huge understatement.) The only dreams i can remember from last night – ALL about raging fires in residential neighborhoods.. a couple of tsunamis. Hundreds of people just staring at the waves about to overtake them, unable or unwilling to move. Raging sinus headache today. Maybe i should stop complaining? I only hope i get a peaceful night’s sleep tonight.

Husband and i begin a weeks long vacation very soon. I was going to step away from social networking while we’re away, but i can’t make up my mind about that either. I know i want to avoid the news, but what about here? One of the things that keeps me (relatively) sane lately is writing off the wall, fun stuff here. What to do? I also want to get my waist length hair cut. Some or a lot. Do you think i can decide? Of course not. Pretty simple, really. It’s *€%÷%+* hair! It’ll grow back. Sigh. And at least half a dozen other trivial-in-the-grand-scheme-of-things things that i apparently am too dense to figure out.

Anyway, maybe i’ll be back here soon, or not. Maybe i’ll just shave my freakin’ head, or not.

Thanks for listening and xo,