Sea Cold

Toes, Pacific wet

But both my ankles escape

They run from the cold



No Wrinkles

I clench the chartreuse silk, harshly, to release the spell

It does not wrinkle

I touch my left cheek with its smoothness –

Then i tie it loosely around my neck – It covers my breasts – and most of my green silk blouse-

My hair needs sequins – maybe silver – – I do not forget my blue silk skirt —

Silk and sequins in bright colors – – what i wear to visit the magic.  Its favorite colors are blue and green.

Where is the magic? You ask…

For myself – perhaps in the sky.. maybe by the sea. A beach of gold, a mountain of crystal white

In the magic, it’s never cold. But it can be steamy if you have the right partner. Then the layers of silk come off — one by one.

Sometimes there’s champagne in the magic — sometimes a little rum

So tonight, to visit the magic – i’ll sleep. Dream –  the silk did not crease, so the magic will be otherworldly.

Somewhere in the stars.

I have all i need and am and ready to go –

Remember, if you want to visit the magic, it must be quiet all around – or the magic will disappear.  It will hide behind the pine, or perhaps behind its hedge

Remember the bright colors, or the magic will be wrong. It may even be cold —

Most important of all, your phone and tablet are devoid of enchantment. Scrolling will not get you there —    😉

Don’t forget it!

M. Raynes


The color of the sky that means valuable water will fall —

The color of volcanic ash – from deep inside – to be studied by scientists

The color of the life in our brains –

An important color, gray

The color of a place between right and wrong,  compromise – the middle ground —

The color where most of us reside

M. Raynes

Almost the Season

Red and yellow fall — And flutter

Proliferation of gray — Trees – sky in temporary mourning

One bereft of leaves – the other – a profusion of clouds —

Mountains anticipate cold stunning white

Their lodges welcome and warm their guests –

The valley’s green soaks and deepens

Bacchus offers wine and festive song

M. Raynes