A Thought

We have 3 streaming services here. Acorn, Netflix and Amazon Prime. I scrolled through all a couple of hours ago. Lots of good shows, i guess, but i couldn’t settle on a single one. I ended up taking a long walk.. which is likely much better for me anyway. But now i’m home, and i still don’t want to watch any TV. Books! I want books. (And i have plenty.) I seem to be losing interest in television altogether. Weird. I’d much rather read, read, and read some more!

And this makes me think of the fact that we have an ignorant ‘President’ who has probably never read an entire book in his life. Read, Mr. Not My President! Please! I still will detest you, but TRY to learn some things!  If i let him borrow one of my books.. would he be able to read it??


The P.I.’s Emerald Key

I’m almost there. Only three more blocks. I’m headed to a private investigator’s office above a restaurant. Yes, it sounds shady, but i’m desperate. Chronos has been gone.. somewhere.. for ages. We, meaning everyone of us on the planet, need for him to be found. Time is, to put it mildly, messed up. As far as i know, today is April 14, 2017. But then again, it’s possible that it’s March 64th, and who knows what year. I’m walking down NW Dilley Avenue in Portland.. west coast rendition that is, and there are some people dressed like it’s 1955. There are also those who are dressed like it’s 1928. Weird doesn’t cover it. I’m dressed in basic 2017-wear. Jeans, light sweater, walking shoes and rain jacket. It is, after all, April in Oregon.. maybe.

I’m heading to a Thai restaurant called, simply, Khon Kaen. I’ve never heard of it, though i’ve lived in Portland for over ten years. I did find one review online that gave it five stars though. I suppose it doesn’t matter. I’m not staying to eat. I’m only supposed to drop off this package to an office on the third floor of the building.  I should tell you about the package.  It’s addressed to Lena. She’s one of the three sister Fates. In the package is a letter. I don’t know what it says. The package was delivered to my apartment three days ago by UPS. I had to sign for it. I don’t think the delivery guy knows all the contents. Besides the letter.. and i can’t tell you how i know this, not yet, there’s a key. A skeleton key with a ten carat emerald on its gold handle. Somehow, it’s supposed to help the investigator find Chronos. I’m not sure how, but it doesn’t matter.. as long as he’s found soon. Time, in more ways than one, is running out.

Here it is. Khon Kaen. Looks like a great little place. Mmmm! I smell red curry. Maybe i’ll have some lunch before i head upstairs after all. I walk in the door and stop short. I was afraid of this, and i don’t want her to notice me. At a table way in the back right corner, troublemaker Eris is enjoying a martini and a plate of Mussaman curry!  I’ll not stop for lunch after all. Now.. where’s that door that leads upstairs?  …..

To Be Continued.

M. Raynes

Tiger At My Door!

Once upon a time, there was a tiger at my door

I then asked him.. what are you here for?

He said he was here to have supper with me..

That he didn’t live at the zoo.. that he was free

He promised me that he would not be a bore

He told me his name was sir Thomas Blake

Then Thomas asked me.. and i said that i’m Anna Lake

I asked him to come in for some cheese and wine

And said.. surely Sir Thomas, with me you may dine

Then he said to me, Anna i hope you have steak!

M. Raynes