A Scent of Pancakes and a Rocking Couch

I woke up a half an hour ago, thoroughly exhausted. Last night, there was a scent of burning wood in Lena’s bedroom, so Lacey, Lena’s cat, and i slept in Stephanie’s room. According to Lacey, that smell in one of the Sister Fate’s rooms means bad fortune is on its way. Lacey slept at the foot of Stephanie’s bed all night. We’re awake, but neither of us has the energy to get up.

She yawns and says, Marguerite, i would like my breakfast.

I say, i know you would, but i feel oddly weak. I slept soundly for eight hours, but i’m so tired, Lacey. I’ll have to make myself get up. I think to myself, this cat can talk and read, but she can’t fix her own meals. With that thought, Lacey looks at me with annoyance. Wait, don’t tell me she can read my mind?

I say exactly that to her. Lacey, do you also read minds?

No, Marguerite. I can’t. She smirks. You must have noticed the face i made. I’m irritated with Lena. She hasn’t contacted me in awhile. I hope when she does, she’ll explain what bad luck to expect. I’d also like to know why we’re so tired. I slept well too, and i feel tired and out of sorts.

I pick up the Book of the Fates from the nightstand. I read to page 256 last night. There’s so much information to study. So many complicated spells, rules, and passwords. There are several pages that describe each of Fate’s and Time’s gems and what they do. I wonder if my boss, Farley Friday has ever read this?

I ask Lacey. I say, so you brilliant feline, and i swear she winks at me, has Farley ever read this book?

No. I don’t think he’s ever read it cover to cover, but he’s familiar with certain parts. I think he needs to study it all. I’ll mention that to Lena when she finds time to call. Farley lacks concrete knowledge of some of the passwords. Didn’t he give you three to try to get into this penthouse? Tsk.. tsk. That’s not good.

I go to get up, and Lacey stretches, but before we can leave the bed, we feel a soft breeze blow through the room. Then there’s a scent of buttermilk pancakes and maple syrup. Lacey closes her eyes and sniffs the air. The book, Marguerite. Hold on to the book. Don’t let go.

I pick up the Book of the Fates that i’d put down on the blanket beside me, crawl back under the covers and hold on tight. Lacey burrows her claws into the covers beside me.

Close your eyes, friend! We’re about to be on the road again!

The breeze and scent grow stronger. Lacey says, Marguerite.. whisper the words, pancake and champagne brunch into the Eighth Aquamarine. Keep your eyes closed tight and count to twenty. I think Lena is sending us to Universe #34! But then, we’re talking about Fate, so i can’t be sure…


Oh Dominic! That was amazing as always! I won’t have to workout for at least three days!

And i think to myself, well, Eris, you’re a goddess. You shouldn’t have to work out at all. But i say, thank you my sweetheart. That means the world coming from you. I am merely human, after all.

She laughs her seductive troublemaker laugh. What do you think, Agent Seckcee? Should we give it another go? I have so much energy still, even after three times. We’ve given Fate’s couch quite the ride too. Lena won’t be happy, but who cares? That means i’m doing my job well!

I know it’s your penchant for causing strife that gives your life meaning, Eris, but it won’t do to make the Fates too angry. They have boundaries, you know.

Dominic! Whose side are you on? Sometimes i wonder about you.

Easy, sweetheart. I just don’t want you to go too far.

Well, now that i have Fortuna’s sapphire, i’ll not worry at all. I’m even more powerful.

I think to myself, don’t count on it, dearest, but i say, you certainly have power over me, and as for another go…

But, the couch begins to rock and jump. The wind begins to blow hard. So hard that the Goddess of Discord and i are rocked to the terrace floor.

Well, my sweet Eris! Now we’ve done it. I realize i have to yell over the rising wind, I think Lena is displeased to say the least!

Then i see that Eris appears to have been knocked out cold, and Fate’s orange couch has taken off and is flying east. I see my chance to take the sapphire off Discord’s finger, but then, i roll off the terrace and into the Pacific. Before i pass out, i think, please go easy on me Lena!

To Be Continued Soon..

M. Raynes



Those with two faces

Their camouflage weak, shoddy

Themselves, give away

Never good at hide and seek

Hidden trap clamps down like vise

M. Raynes

A Lucky Sapphire and a Couch That Gets Around

Careful, Dominic. Don’t give yourself away, i think, as Eris moves closer.

She says, you know how important that aquamarine is, Agent Seckcee. How could you have let it slip through your grasp? And Agent 38? And that cat? They managed to get away before we could get what we needed!

Agent 38? Oh, you mean Marguerite Putnam. She poses no threat to us. She works for The Agency and Farley Friday, as you know. That cat, as you call her, belongs to Lena. She’s kind of a pain sometimes, but if you don’t cross her, she’s a sweet cat. I’m not a feline lover, per se, but Lacey’s okay in my book.

Well, Dominic, where did this sweet kitty and 38 disappear to? A cat and a human vanish into thin air? You couldn’t keep them here, if you know what i mean?

Eris, i know you love trouble, but i am not going to piss Lena off by imprisoning her cat or her human guest, even if that guest works for the wrong Friday. Lena is the one who sent Lacey and Marguerite here in the first place. If i made Fate angry, what do you suppose would happen then.. hmm? And their disappearance from this hut likely had something to do with Lena herself, otherwise, how could it have happened?

So, my darling. You call 38 Marguerite. Not very professional, that.

What should i call her? Thirty Eight? Agent? I’m supposed to be undercover as one of Lena’s butlers, remember? All i was supposed to know is that Marguerite was a visitor, and i was supposed to cater to her every need. Apparently, Lena sensed Danger, and my cover was blown somehow. No idea how. I’m more concerned about that than the aquamarine.

Cater to her every need, Dominic? I don’t like the sound of that. Thirty Eight was here for over two days. That’s more than enough time for you to work that Seckcee magic of yours!

You have nothing to fear, Eris. My loyalty lies strictly with you and Fraser Friday and the Agents of the Chocolate Topaz.

I heard the word ‘lies’ in there, Dominic. I do hope you’re being truthful with me. I loathe liars. Especially ones with whom i’ve been intimate. And speaking of intimate, that makes me think of couches, beds, and being horizontal. Why is there an orange velvet couch on the back terrace?

A couch? An orange couch? An orange velvet couch?

Yes, Dominic. Are you nervous? That why you’re repeating what i say?

No. Not nervous. It’s just that the Fates own a couch like that. It sits in the living room of their penthouse. I had no idea it was here.

You really are clueless, aren’t you, lover?

Well, i haven’t been out there for the last few hours. I’ve been in here, turning the place upside down, looking for the aquamarine.

I think, think fast Dominic. Find a way to distract her! Anyway, Eris. I didn’t find the aquamarine. But i found this.

I pull a ring out of the right pocket of my Bermuda shorts. It’s a sapphire. A seven carat green one set in gold. I think it’s the Fifty Fourth Sapphire. At one time, it belonged to Fortuna, the Goddess of Luck! Bingo! Eris is drawn to the ring like a skier to powder. I decide to hand it to her, though i realize that could be a mistake. When fortune gets into trouble’s hands, you know?

I place the ring on Eris’ left palm and gently close her fingers around it. She opens her hand to look at it. Her eyes begin to glow green, and i think, oh no! What have i done? The thing is, if the sapphire truly is the Fifty Fourth, and belonged to Fortuna, it will bring its wearer luck, but that luck could be good or bad.

Oh Dominic! This is one of the best gifts ever! Who needs the aquamarine? I can really stir things up with this sapphire!

And i think, that’s what i was afraid of. But, i had to distract Eris somehow. It’s better she have this ring temporarily, than the Eighth Aquamarine. This might get me back into Lena’s good graces. I want Fate on my side.

Dominic! Oh Dominic, darling. You’re lost in thought. Where did you go? Wait! No, don’t tell me! Let’s not talk about work for awhile. What do you say we celebrate this good fortune on Fate’s couch? It’s been so long since we’ve been, you know, together.

I hesitate. Then Eris lets her emerald silk sheath gown slide off and land at her feet. Well, i guess that’s that. I could use a strenuous workout. So we head out back to the orange couch. Fate’s couch.. because sometimes Trouble is irresistible, and really, what could possibly go wrong? A couch is only a couch…


I sense a disturbance. Lacey jumps off the rocking chair and gallops down the hall to Lena’s room. Marguerite! Come in here!

I place a bookmark on page 135 of The Book of the Fates. Lacey found it yesterday in Stephanie’s room. I’m to familiarize myself with the first four chapters, kind of a homework assignment from Lena via Lacey. When i’m done, i should be able to figure out a way to find Fate’s couch and Chronos(Time) himself.

I walk down the hall to find Lacey standing in Lena’s bedroom doorway.

Take a whiff, Marguerite. What is that scent?

I smell smoke, like someone is burning wet wood.

Exactly, Marguerite. Fate is angry, and Discord is acting out!

But Lacey, doesn’t Discord always act out? Isn’t that what she does?

Yes. That’s Eris’ specialty, but this time it’s different. This time Eris has her hands on Luck, and it’s bad….

To Be Continued Soon!

M. Raynes


No story tonight.. maybe tomorrow night. I’ve started one, but will not finish it. I’m too caught up in watching the Olympics! The skiing, the snowboarding, the curling. I love it all. Well, except the figure skating. Meh. Ambivalent.

But, more magic and a little craziness coming soon! Which planet? Which Universe? Where is Chronos(Time)? Where are the Three Fates? Who knows? I’m not even sure yet. I find out as i write. Stay tuned!



Gone Couch

It was good to wake up in a bed this morning. Not in my own bed, but a bed. And, i was in it; not under it. I miss Bora Bora, but only a little, since it turns out that Lena’s butler, Dominic can’t be trusted. The last thing i remember about being there, is hiding under the bed with Lacey, Lena’s cat, and saying the words, ‘eggplant parmesan with brown butter penne.’ Lacey and i had to get away from Dominic. We don’t know what he’s up to, but he got his hands on the Eighth Aquamarine. Lacey took it back. It’s on my right index finger, and according to Lena and Lacey, it needs to stay there.

So, this morning, i woke up in Lena’s bed in her penthouse. Fate’s penthouse. It belongs to all three sisters. Lacey slept at my feet all night. Apparently the trip back from Bora Bora was stormy. High winds, lots of rain. I don’t remember it. I’m not sure how i ended up dry, comfortable and wearing a blue silk nightgown in Fate’s bed. I asked Lacey. She doesn’t remember either. She doesn’t care. Lacey likes comfort, warmth, to be catered to, and she talks. She can do things other felines cannot.

I’m not sure how long i’ll be staying here in the penthouse, but it’s good to at least be back in Portland. Just as i’m thinking this, Lacey comes galloping in from the living room.

Marguerite! The couch! The orange couch isn’t here. It must still be in Bora Bora on the back terrace. We need to get it back before Dominic figures out what it does.

And i say, but he works for Lena here sometimes, right? So he must know about the couch.

No. He has no idea.

But Lacey, no one knew he had the Eighth Aquamarine until you found it and took it back. I’ll try to get in touch with Farley Friday and see what he says. He’s the one who sent me over here in the first place and why i ended up under Isabelle’s bed. He must have some idea how to get the couch back!

Good idea! As far as i know, Farley can be trusted, unlike his brother, Fraser.

But you and Lena thought Dominic could be trusted, but you were both wrong. Fate made a big mistake.

Don’t bring that up within Lena’s hearing, Marguerite! As far as she’s concerned, she makes no mistakes.

Well, clearly Dominic wasn’t thoroughly vetted! And i’ve no idea where Lena is. You don’t know either. She certainly won’t hear me unless these walls have ears. Wait, they don’t have ears, do they, Lacey?

This is too much talk, Marg. You contact Farley, and i’ll try to find the Book of the Fates. I think Stephanie had it last.

The Book of the Fates?

Yes, Marg. Farley and the Agency you work for are trying to find Time, correct? You might want more background information about that book. It’s kind of a book of spells. I think there’s a spell in there that will help us bring the couch back….


Dominic, baby! I’ve missed you so! But before we have some fun, show me the Eighth Aquamarine you’ve been keeping safe for me. I take it Lena’s not around to throw a wet blanket on things?

Well well troublemaking Eris! You’re late. The Aquamarine is missing. There’s no fun on our agenda until we get it back!

How did you misplace something so important, Dominic de Seckcee? You’re supposed to be the best there is? ……

Continued Soon!

M. Raynes