Chasing Goddesses

Are Time and Fate lost in space?

Or somewhere in Denmark where we must give chase?

The three sister Fates have gone their separate ways

They’ve been scattered about for at least one hundred days!

There are a few secret agents who’ve taken the case!

No one knows what day is today

It could be April Fools’ Day or the first day of May

That’s why Chronos must be found, and soon

Neptune’s on his way to search on the moon!

And Eris is on her way to Martini Cay!

Agent Forty Five is traveling to Rome

And Agent Twenty Six is on a flight to Nome

Madame Sapphire Lee has gone to Sacramento..

While Monsieur Emerald Silver stays home and eats bento

And Dame Ruby Blue Diamonds drinks flat beer with no foam

Because the Gods and Goddesses are being lax on the job

The Universe is off kilter, and many people sob

But so many Goddesses are tired of working

They wanted vacations, so their duties they’re shirking

The one who might solve all the mystery is Agent Watch Fob Bob!

M. Raynes


The Rabbit and the Twelfth Tourmaline

I stole the ring for good reasons, not bad. At least that’s what i tell myself. I’m standing behind a potted giant palm tree in the hall outside the Three Fates’ penthouse. If i wanted to scooch, i could fit behind the pot, but it’s more comfortable to stand. It smells like homemade marinara sauce out here. In other words, it smells like trouble and danger. Sometimes, trouble smells delicious.

The ring i stole is a six carat cushion cut green tourmaline set in gold. It’s gorgeous, and it rightfully belongs to Isabelle, the middle of the three sister Fates. All three of the sisters are gone, and no one knows for sure where. There are many rumors. They’re in separate locations though, which means trouble. Not sure why i can smell danger out here. No one’s home in the penthouse. I need to get inside. I haven’t figured out yet how i’m going to do that. What i want to do is return Isabelle’s ring. I stole it from the person, well, in truth, the goddess, who stole it from her. It’s a long story how i learned that Eris pilfered the ring. Soon, i’ll fill you all in.

Wait!  There’s someone coming up on the elevator. It has to be someone going to the penthouse. No other apartments up here. The lower twenty eight floors have eight apartments each. I live on twelve. I hear the ding, and the doors open. Out comes… a rabbit. A big black and white rabbit. She hops twice in the direction of the door, then she stops short and looks in my direction, i hope, at the tree. I hold my breath. Dammit. She hops toward me. She knows i’m here and comes around the plant, looks up at me and winks. Yes, she winks at me, and she talks, because of course she does.  She knows my name. She says, hello, Melinda! I followed you here. I saw you steal the ring. I can help you get into the penthouse, but i want you to keep the ring. It’ll be safer with you.

I’m not sure what to say because i’m shocked that a rabbit is speaking to me. She sounds like my grandmother. I think to myself, play along, Melinda, play along.

I clear my throat. I say, okay, whatever you say… ?

Oh, i’m Alcott! You did a great thing in getting the ring away from Eris. But if you leave it here, she’ll figure out where it is and try to get her trouble making hands on it again. We can’t have that. The ring is part of a puzzle that when complete, will help us find Time!  The Fates have been watching you for quite awhile. They trust you.

Where are they?

Isabelle is in Chattanooga house sitting for a friend. In a couple of days, she’ll be in Buffalo where she’ll visit Virgo for awhile. None of the sisters will come back here until Time is found.  Lena is in Yellowstone tracking a pack of wolves, and Stephanie is in Kyoto spending time with her latest lover. She usually falls for celebrities, but this guy’s an unknown. He’s very wealthy we hear.  Heavily into his lava lamp empire. Her sisters and i are concerned. We’ve never heard of him.  Anyway, let’s go inside, and i’ll show you around!

We walk and hop to the penthouse door. Alcott says.. lasagna four times, and the door opens. Who needs a key, and who’d have thought?  Then i think, i can’t believe what i see! Is it possible?  How can it be?  …….

M. Raynes


Today – many swerves

Obstacles in my writing

Orange cones abound

Tried to add darkness –

Then every word rebelled

Light always returned

Am i too happy?

But early night on its way –

—– Equinox this way comes –

Gray skies and rain will raise their hands in class – Sit in the front!  No detention for them!  That’s an Oregon autumn and winter. Perhaps change of season will put me in a more spooky mood…  Until then, i might have to stick with sunny stories here. That’s what my mind wants. Oh well. It is what it is. Back soon!

Mary – xoxo

A Ransom for Time

I finish my plate of leftover ravioli and meatballs, set Netflix to the next episode of Vampire Diaries and settle back on the couch to study the ransom note one more time. I need another gin and tonic to help me focus, so i go to the kitchen and mix one.  I go back to the couch, put my feet up on the coffee table, let out a big belch and pick up the note to read again.

The ransom note is supposedly from Chronos’ kidnapper. It was delivered this morning. Someone slid it under my apartment door while i was making my breakfast. It’s obviously a joke. I think. Chronos, who most people call Time, has been missing for five months. No one knows for sure if he’s been abducted, taken a vacation or is lost in time somewhere. How could Time be lost in time, you ask?  I’ve no idea. The newspapers speculate about where he is every day. Two days ago, it was rumored that he’s in Madison, WI. Just this morning i heard on the news that he’s hiding out from an ex-lover in Lisbon, Portugal. This note says he’s being held at some mansion outside Winnipeg, Manitoba. Why would someone take him there? I ran it by my best friend, Olivia by text. She’s coming over for lunch tomorrow, and we’re going to decide what to do.  This note writer says i’m supposed to fly to Manitoba, bring $413,765.00 and Time’s special cognac sapphire ring to the mansion, and only then will Time be released and allowed to go home.  I think it’s an odd amount of money the kidnapper wants, but Olivia said, how much is Time worth?  What is an appropriate amount?  How do we know what the money is really for?  Is this real or a hoax?  So many questions.  She also thinks maybe Time is injured in some way and needs health insurance. She was half kidding with that one. But i guess if one wants insurance, Canada is where one should go.  Also, why was i picked for this job?  I’m hardly qualified. I’m a thirty four year old antique shop owner. And, this is so important.. how on earth do i get my hands on a ring that belongs to a God?  I mean, talk about incredibly difficult. I heard that Eris has temporary custody of the ring.  She lives in a luxury apartment across town. Oh, and i guess i should mention that across town is in Portland, Oregon.

I read the note yet again. My kitty, Vonnegut is on the back of the couch peering over my shoulder. It’s signed, Jeanne W.  That’s it. She says i’ll receive another note in two days. I wish i could get in touch with the Fates, but all three are out of town. Lena is in Spokane visiting a cousin. I know, right?  Spokane. Isabelle is in St. Lucia on a beach sipping margaritas with her boyfriend, Thor, and Stephanie is in London getting a mani/pedi and her hair dyed purple. Yes, she went all the way to London. She’s a goddess after all.

I notice that the note smells like peach pie. It certainly didn’t smell like pie five minutes ago. I’d have noticed. I hear my phone, which is sitting on my coffee table, buzz with a text. It’s Olivia. Rachel – Be over tomorrow at noon. We’ll discuss. Smiley face. I sigh and lie down on the couch. I’m tired. All this speculation. When Olivia says she’ll be here at noon, she means 1 pm. Ever since Time has been missing, we’ve all been out of sorts. Today is July 57th. I know. See what i mean?  As i drift away for a nap, it’s only 7:40, too early for bed, Vonnegut jumps down from the back of the couch to curl up beside me.  A voice says, don’t worry, Rachel, i’ll help you get the ring from Eris. I have my ways. I swear i see Vonnegut wink at me and that he said those words. Boy, i must be tired! ….

M. Raynes

PS.  I have a tag now for these Time/Fate tales. It’s Time, Fate, Chronos, Three Fates.  🙂

Forest Grief

Ravenous fire eats

Flora and fauna devoured

Flames our tears can’t quell

Ambitious nature

Temporarily broken

Hour by hour will heal

Branch by branch — Petal

By petal – Needles sharp –

Blossoms soft – Forest bereft

Will grieve for a time –

Then defiiantly for our sky

Will reach —

M. Raynes